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Mr. Kitty
This project is the brainchild of solo artist Forrest Avery Carney. The project goes back pre-dating the first release in 2011. Since then he has released a new album each year packed with great music. As of 2015 the fifth album was released marking a great milestone in the band's history. Throughout all of these years and while creating this excellent music and releasing new albums year after year and in spite of all that he still finds time to play live shows including a fall tour this year (2015) with IAMX. The music he produces is a catchy, melodic synthpop infused with introspection and melancholy. With the release of this latest album it is with great pleasure that we feature Mr. Kitty here on Gothic Paradise.

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Red Sun Revival
While initial concepts and songs date back to 2008, we were presented with the debut album Running From The Dawn from this band in 2011. Rob Leydon (vocals, guitars), Matt Helm (guitars), Panos Theodoropoulos (bass) and Christina Emery (violin) from the original quartet bringing to life this excellent collection of tracks. Over the years the band has continued to write and create, playing live shows and pulling together a short EP in 2014. Their latest album Identities is the product of their latest creative talents. Spanning ten tracks, this album presents the band's excellent style of symphonic gothic rock with elements of the class gothic sounds of solid bass, elegant and soaring guitar mixed with other instruments including some powerful symphonic live and synthetic instruments for a powerful and brooding sound. The heavy vocals mixed with this music as a back-drop and moving beats create an emotionally-driven masterpiece. Fans of older Fields of the Nephilim along with other classic gothic rock bands the likes of Nosferatu, Love Like Blood and related will really enjoy.

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Latest news and updates:

Wake Up Call [November 21, 2015] Intent:Outtake - Wake Up Call - We're happy to present a new group to the pages here though their music has been on the radio shows here for the past several months. Their style of harsh, yet warm and melodic dark electro is a welcome addition. Check out the review and enjoy this group.

A Worthy Compensation [November 21, 2015] Beborn Beton - A Worthy Compensation - Introducing the excellent comeback album from these prominent synthpop artists of the 90's. With their previous official album released in 1999, over fifteen years later we have this great work picking up right where they left off with their smooth, melodic synthpop style.

Fragments [October 15, 2015] Mr Kitty - Fragements - Presenting the latest great release of this solo artist with his emotionally charged, melodic, melancholy synthpop. Check out the review and listen to selections on our club mix radio show.

When The Wolves Return [September 13, 2015] Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return - It's great to have another powerful release from this band that has been on the pages of Gothic Paradise since our very first days. Here is their latest work for you to enjoy, read the review and listen to selections on our radio shows.

Tomorrow Is Never [September 6, 2015] The Lovely Intangibles - Tomorrow Is Never - Introducing a great new project featuring an excellent style of laid-back gothabilly music. Check out their debut album here on our radio shows and follow the link to read the review.

The Eternal Return [September 6, 2015] Irfan - The Eternal Return - We've added a review of the latest album from this band that features a unique style of medieval, middle-eastern and other world musical styles and instruments. Long-time favorites here on our etheral show, the new album includes plenty of great new material to enjoy.

Mechanical Reflections [August 9, 2015] Alkemic Generator - Mechanical Reflections - Here we are presented with the sophomore album from this talented group of artists that have brought together a set of pounding and moving dance-friendly tracks that fans can enjoy.

Scintilla [August 9, 2015] An Danzza - Scintilla - Presenting this artist to the pages of Gothic Paradise though selections have been on the radio waves here for many months. This is their fourth album and is a great mix of world, fairy world, celtic and new age music. Along with the review of this album, we also present reviews of their three previous albums as well for readers and listeners to enjoy.

Deadline [June 28, 2015] The Last Hour - Deadlines - This talented artist presents us with a new album spanning music and styles from the dark and brooding ambient to the moving synth loops and beats of dark electro.

Identities [June 7, 2015] Red Sun Revival - Identities - Introducing the great new sophomore album from this symphonic gothic rock band. In this work they bring together a collection of ten stellar tracks that showcase their talents in creating emotionally charged music.

The Fields of Flesh [May 16, 2015] A Covenant of Thorns - Fields of Flesh - Presenting a special feature on this talented synthpop solo artist with the release of a great new album. This project has been a favorite here on the pages and airwaves of Gothic Paradise since it's first inception fifteen years ago.

The Art of Pop [May 16, 2015] SPC ECO - The Art of Pop - This talented duo just keeps pumping out more great music album after album. This latest work sees them take a break from the distorted guitars and shifting to a dance-friendly and experimental electro-pop style.

Tolchock - Elements of Rage [April 26, 2015] Tolchock - Elements of Rage - Read about the latest powerful album from this EBM band featuring hard-driving beats and pulsating electronics and grinding guitars in the vein of KMFDM and listen to selections on our club mix radio show.

Shonwald - Dream For The Fall [April 26, 2015] Schonwald - Dream For The Fall - Check out this excellent post-punk band with their unique style and sound like a mix of Lycia meets The Cure with female-fronted vocals on this latest full-length album.

Sentinel of Eternity - Sentinel of Eternity [March 23, 2015] Sentinel of Eternity - Sentinel of Eternity - Introducing this great band with their powerful electro-pop style. Check out the review and listen to some great selections on our radio show.

Braindance - Master of Disguise [March 23, 2015] Braindance - Master of Disguise - Here is another great new band to the pages of Gothic Paradise with their powerful, grinding mix of progressive metal, trance and industrial styles. this is a great album packed with tons of music for listeners to enjoy.

Bella Lune - Tranzendance [March 1, 2015] Bella Lune - Tranzendance - Presenting the latest excellent album from this group producing their nice mix of ethereal synthpop infused with mid-tempo electronica. With this latest album we have a dozen great tracks that fans will love. Go pick it up and also support a good cause at the same time.

Marsheaux - Inhale[February 15, 2015] Marsheaux - Inhale - It was a great surprise to be introduced to this excellent duo hailing from Greece with their upbeat and melodic synthpop music. They've become a new favorite here and a pleasure to feature for our listeners and readers to enjoy.

QNTAL - VII[January 18, 2015] QNTAL - VII - It's amazing how this band continues to create and carry on releasing such great new music. Here we have their seventh original album (not counting various remix and best of releases), presented in their classic medieval vs modern electronics styles.

The Birthday Massacre - Superstition[January 10, 2015] The Birthday Massacre - Superstition - Each new release from this band is a great new treat for me and this is another great addition to their discography. After so many albums and so many releases they're able to remain creative and diverse with their unique mix of grinding gothic sounds with upbeat 80's new wave.

Chandeen - Forever and Ever[January 3, 2015] Chandeen - Forever and Ever - This band just keeps going strong, producing a memorable style of dream-pop music. Each new release is a new gem to be enjoyed and this one is no exception as they take on dreamy ambient soundscapes with layered electronics and Julia's heavenly vocals for a stunningly beautiful album.

Golden Apes - The Langsyne Litanies[January 3, 2015] Golden Apes - The Langsyne Litanies - After a slew of excellent gothic rock albums this band takes five of their favorite tracks and rework them with an acoustic approach. These selections are presented along with three previously unreleased works for an excellent album seeing the band take a more laid-back approach to their music.

Har Belex - Chandelle[January 3, 2015] Har Belex - Chandelle - Introducing this great new dark neo-folk band out of Spain from two of the driving electro-industrial bands there we have Manix S and Salva Maine creating and releasing this completely different style of music on this stellar debut album.

Bella Morte - Exorcisms[December 29, 2014] Bella Morte - Exorcisms - Here is another great new album released this year and another in a long and full discography from this band. On this album we have more of the great style of music we've grown to love over the years but with all new tracks that are enjoyable to new and old fans alike.

Aeon Sable - Visionaers[December 29, 2014] Aeon Sable - Visionaers - Introducing the latest dark gothic rock album from this band. They continue to keep the music interesting, dark and include many dance-friendly pieces that club-goers will love.

Unto Ashes - Ghosts Captured[December 14, 2014] Unto Ashes - Ghosts Captured - This band has been going strong for over fifteen years now and this latest release explores a side of the band we've really grown to love. This album features a great collection of their great cover songs crossing a myriad of genre boundaries and decades of great music.

The Rose Phantom - Sketches: Live At Storm Mountain[November 28, 2014] The Rose Phantom - Sketches: Live At Storm Mountain - Introducing the latest excellent work from this talented artist. While not a typical live album with screaming fans and poorly recorded, previously released tracks, this is more of a concept work recorded on location at the Storm Mountain ampitheater, definitely worth checking out.

She Likes Winter - A Year In Our Lives[November 23, 2014] She Likes Winter - A Year In Our Lives - Presenting another new group to the pages and airwaves of Gothic Paradise. Hailing from Italy, this band brings to us a great mix of ethereal, dream pop and shoegaze with this debut four-track EP. Read our review of the EP and enjoy selections on our radio shows.

Gild The Mourn - Released Tracks[November 2, 2014] Gild The Mourn - Released Tracks - Introducing a brand new group to the pages of Gothic Paradise and fairly new onto the scene. We have reviewed their first four released tracks found on Bandcamp, a great introduction to their excellent sound, looking forward to tons more from this group.

Seabound - Speak in Storms[November 2, 2014] Seabound - Speak In Storms - This band needs no introduction and we're just catching up on this album released earlier this year. This another great work from them built on their tried and true sound recognizable as Seabound, read over our review and listen and enjoy.

The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers[October 25, 2014] The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers - Introducing the latest great album from this band that pulls together the best mix of New Wave, Post Punk and Shoegaze styles into a set of intense and moody tracks for another great work. Check out the review and we're also doing a special feature on the band, so enjoy the videos and other info.

Inter-Connection - The End Of the World[October 24, 2014] Inter-Connection - The End Of The World - Presenting this synthpop group to the pages of Gothic Paradise, while new to us, definitely not new to the scene with the release of their fifth studio album. We're happy to have them join us on our pages and radio airwaves.

Golden Apes - Riot[October 19, 2014] Golden Apes - Riot - Catching up on some older releases with this latest from this excellent gothic rock band as we prepare for the release of their newest album coming out later this year.

The Lost Patrol - Chasing Shadows[October 13, 2014] The Lost Patrol - Chasing Shadows - Introducing the latest great new album from this band that loves to mix up a great, classic gothabilly sound with sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy female vocals. This album continues on with the easily recognized sound for another great selection of music fans can really enjoy.

2014 Live and Interview[September 30, 2014] Xandria - Live and Interview - We had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Marco and Dianne from the band and ask a few questions and talk about their passion for their music as well as catch the live show later that night. Enjoy the interview and live performance review.

Mr Kitty - Time[August 24, 2014] Mr Kitty - Time - Added a review of the latest moody and melodic synthpop from Mr Kitty, exploring an excellent selection of dance-friendly, emotionally charged selections. Definitely a new gem for fans to love.

Friends of Alicy Ivy - The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze[August 17, 2014] Friends of Alice Ivy - The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze - Presenting their latest release and first full-length album, this band have outdone themselves with this release with the captivating ethereal tracks on this album.

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