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I started my own personal web site back in 1996 where I just had a little bit of information about me and I started including information about the music I enjoyed.  img Over time I started adding more artists, more reviews and more information about the underground Gothic/Industrial and Synthpop scene.  When I started spinning at a local club, I was in a position where I gained a lot more musical knowledge and experience.  When that night closed down because of a lack of organization on the part of the club owner, I was left without a place to DJ.  So I started working with a "radio station" on mp3.com where I set up a place to start helping promote the artists that chose to put their music there.  From there I started Gothic Paradise and this is what has evolved since late October, 2000.

At about this time I started spinning regularly at Club @, a local club here in Salt Lake City.  It had it's ups and downs over the next year, but things would pick up and start going really well with the creation of a brand new club.  Club Sanctuary took the place of Club @, and I would spin there every Friday night with DJ Evil K and other djs.  Like many things in this small scene, even Club Sanctuary would come to an end in early 2004 leaving many DJ's in our scene without a DJ spot.  Two DJ's moved over to Area 51 to start the Gothic/Industrial nights there.  With this move I decided to focus more on Gothic Paradise, as it reaches more people worldwide and more open to a greater variety of music.  I still spin at Area 51 on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and imagine that could possibly pick up again to a regular weekly night, but I don't find that as important as I used to.

I find great accomplishment in my radio shows and the work I do here working with labels and artists.  I work with a wider variety of music, while still working with the club-friendly music, but also elaborating more on music that isn't meant for the dance floor.

I want this site to be more than just a typical fanzine or cd review site.  I want it to be a place where many different genres of music (Gothic, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM, Ethereal and Synthpop) all merge and combine to make one awesome source for underground music.  I'm excited about the digital revolution in music, because I think it gives really good artists a chance that may never sign with a large label to get their excellent music out there.  But my main goal for this site is to promote good music, good labels that have signed these artists and to bring the underground music scene back together, before it was split into a million little nit-picky genres.

I have been focusing more and more on music that is uplifting in one way or another.  I even wrote a long editorial on the subject after receiving several submission that I couldn't even listen to in their entirety or sometimes even look at the artwork because of the obscene nature.  Whether it's lyrics, the overall feeling that I'm left with or artwork, it should be uplifting and leave the listener/viewer a better person.  I challenge labels and artists to accomplish this in their artwork and music.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so here by Email.

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