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[ Arts of Erebus - Dawn of the Dead ]
[ Ascii.Disko - Black Orchid: From Airlines To Lifelines ]
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[ Attrition - 3 Arms & a Dead Cert ]
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[ Attrition - Tearing Arms From Deities ]
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[ Aura Noctis - Itineris I ]
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[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Eifelian ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Ablaze ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Shades Of Grey ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Riverine ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Over the Ocean ]
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[ Azoic, The - Corruption EP ]
[ Azoic, The - Illuminate ]
[ Azoic, The - Conflict EP ]
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[ Bella Lune - Synesthesia ]
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[ Bella Morte - Songs For The Dead ]
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[ Birthday Massacre, The - Imaginary Monsters ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Pins and Needles ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Walking With Strangers ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Violet ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Violet EP ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Nothing and Nowhere ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Gril - The Rope ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Gril - Remnants of a Deeper Purity ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Halo Star ]
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[ Blank - Artificial Breathing ]
[ Blank - Overhead EP ]
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[ Blue Birds Refuse To Fly - Xenomorph Angel ]
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[ Brillig - The Red Coats ]
[ Brillig - The Plagiarist ]
[ Brotherhood - Turn The Gold To Chrome ]
[ Caelum Bliss - 1993-1999 ]
[ Carol Blaze - I Killed My Love ]
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[ Carphax Files - Vengeance ]
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[ Crüxshadows, The - Dreamcypher ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Fortress in Flames]
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[ Crüxshadows, The - Ethernaut ]
[ Culture Kultür - Spirit ]
[ Culture Kultür - Reborn ]
[ Cylix - Alpha ]

The Jeopardy Maze - Review
Here is another of the latest reissue albums from this band. This album is one of the most popular released by this band and should be a real treat for anyone that missed it the first time around. This is completely remastered with a bonus track "Infant Joy" which doesn't appear on the original.

Spanning the myriad of eclectic and dark genres of dark ambient to dance-friendly new wave, we have it all. Starting off with a melancholy violin weaving a spellbinding tapestry to set the stage for the haunting danceable piece "Atomizer (custom mother)" which became a popular club hit for goth kids all over the world. We're really shown the broad range of talents and possibilities as we move through this album with another dance piece "Waste not, want...more". The experimental machine is on in force with "Dream Time Collector" and through the dark ambient reaches of "A Virtual Reprise" with captivating violin, probably not necessarily what you would find at a classical show, but well done nonetheless and blending perfectly with "The Thing Veil" and "A few of my favourite things". "Have a nice time" is also excellent along these lines with the spoken word samples from a little girl amidst haunting music which gives the feeling of a haunted movie. And after the unique presentation of "God Save the Queen", we finalize the album with another dark ambient piece "Infant Joy". A great ending to a great album.

Rating: 4/5

Smiling, at the Hypogonder Club - Review
This is one of the more recent reissues from the long series of releases from their long history. As with many of their albums, we have a dozen tracks that are eclectic in their span of traditional rock, new wave, goth, dark ambient and everything in between. It's always unique in only the way it seems Martin Bowes can do along with the many talented artists that contribute with each work. This album presents Marianne on vocals, yet she sounds so much like Julia Waller who appears on many of the other albums, that most listeners wouldn't know the difference between one or the other.

This album kicks right off with the heavy hitting beats and dance-friendly new wave styles and Martin's heavy and deep vocals with Marianne providing the alternating and harmonized backdrop. "Look out! Hedonist" is the first of many of these pieces that pour on the heavy beats and myriad of synths and electronics as a nice backdrop for the alternating male and female vocals. "The Game is Up" uses this same structure, though still a completely different and unique song. It's hard to imagine how the creative juices have flowed for so long across so many albums, yet each piece is so unique and different, experimental on one, new wave and dance-friendly on another. This all continues on this disc with the popular piece "Feel the Backlash", on through a number of others and as the disc wraps up, with another popular selection "Shrinkwrap" which many fans should be familiar with. This latter piece shows how the unique song structure, vocals and lyrics all come together to make what is Attrition.

While this album doesn't have as much ambient and ethereal pieces as others, we do get a little break from the driving and heavy pieces with "Fusillade part 1" before jumping right back in with "Fusillade part 2" which has become a favorite piece on this album with it's powerful beat and grooving bass underlying Martin's vocals. "My Eyes" provide another ambient piece with spoken word and haunting sounds that float along steadily for nearly five minutes. We're right back into the thick of it through "Fate is Smiling", the previously mentioned "Shrinkwrap" and finally ending with a very slightly different version of "Fusillade part 3" to wrap up the album.

Rating: 4/5

At the Fiftieth Gate - Review
This album is different from many of the other Attrition albums in it's structure, vocal arrangements and in that Martin sings most of the songs alone without the normal, unique siren song from Julia or Marianne. This is also a nice treat in that we're presented with a total of 19 tracks for tons of great music, including some extra tracks from some maxis from the late 80's.

This album is nice in that the music really has that great eclectic mix of 80's new wave, darker gothic rock sounds. After the short intro of "Theme 1", we're launched right into this dance-friendly mix of music with "Haydn (or mine)". This stellar track has a nice rock beat, some great electronics and seldom heard guitar from this band. The 80's sounds are really heavy on this album, though you may not have heard this on the mainstream radio waves, I wouldn't be surprised if some of this didn't get some airplay in the UK and Europe. The synths come out on "Death Truck" amongst others, the slap bass is heavy on "Two Miles Up" as well as most of the dance-friendly pieces. All of these are real trademark sounds from those days which marks this album as probably the most dance and pop-oriented album of Martin's career.

The description of these tracks shouldn't scare away long-time fans, in fact much of this influence is still heavily present in many of their other dance-oriented pieces. Also, from time to time we get a little taste of that dark, experimental ambient music that is so prevalent on many albums in the form of the introductory track, an interlude, aptly titled "Interlude", a bit later with "Theme II", though this piece is more neo-classical and bombastic than ambient. But once we get past these pieces we're right back into the thick of the driving music including the 12" mix of "Haydn" and two other mixes as well as some b-tracks and finally with "Shotgun Dream" which sounds a lot more like typical Attrition with Julia on vocals.

Rating: 4/5

3 Arms & a Dead Cert - Review
Here's another album in the series of re-releases on the Two Gods label of another classic album from Attrition. As with so many of their albums, we have a dozen tracks that span the moving electronic dance music to the dark experimental ambient music. This album focuses more on the up-beat tracks and there are many that fans should recognize from clubs, radio and other areas from the past.

After the short experimental introduction, we're launched right into this driving dance-friendly, yet still experimental style with "White men talk" and the extremely popular "Cosmetic Citizen" that we've been hearing quite a bit since the original recording and release of this album in the mid-90's. "Acid Tongue" follows right after and is another that should be well recognized among fans even if it didn't make it on the "best of" album. It just goes on one after another with the driving beats and experimental soundscapes through "Slice of Life" and so on until we hit the downbeat piece "Predicament?" which brings out the darker, more experimental nature of this band though we still have a hint of darkwave and slow percussion. "Red Eye" picks it back up again and the title track starts to bring us in for the finale of "Prelude" which presents some nice classical violin music that is well composed and performed.

Rating: 3.5/5

In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts - Review
After the release of their "best of" album, this band started releasing a plethora of remastered albums from their history to the masses. While they've released a number of other ambient and experimental albums, they're just slightly beyond the scope of what we present here on Gothic Paradise. However, with this album and the others presented in this group of reviews here, we start to go back through history and present some thoughts on their works from the past that are now being reissued through their Two Gods label.

This album is a nice piece of history because of it's inclusion of a few favorite tracks that many fans will recognize as well as a few others that maybe haven't really made it. With a dozen to choose from, it spans from the moodier ambient sounds to the experimental and the old unique, moving gothic rock pieces. However, overall, this album is a bit more laid back with some nice ethereal and ambient pieces. The instrumental "Vigil" starts off the album with it's ambient soundscapes giving way to one of my favorites from this band in "Dreamsleep". This piece they put trade-in a lot of the experimentalism for some dreamy ethereal moods. For an excellent ambient piece, I also highly recommend "Marianne's Dream" with it's caressing hypnotic sounds. This is followed closely behind by another somber piece "Into the Waves" which also delves into the ethereal styles including Martin's deep vocals harmonized with Julia's softer side. The ambient and experimental moods continue more or less throughout more of the album, broken up from time to time with more upbeat and equally experimental electronic pieces such as "In Your Hand" early on in the album or later with "The Beginning of the End" and with the popular finale "A'dam and Eva" which is still a club hit for gothlings all over.

That somes up another piece of history from this band that fans should enjoy.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tearing Arms From Deities - Review

With a history spanning 25 years and over 20 albums (including anthologies), this band has attained legendary status among the goth/industrial scene. This album celebrates their 25th anniversary and is another "best of" album in a long line of them, but is a great way to get a great collection of many of their best tracks.  The disc contains sixteen tracks that bring back memories old and new from this band as we look back on their history.  The collection is really quite good, I may have included a couple of different tracks, but I think overall we have many of their best tracks recorded.

Starting it all off is the soft and classically oriented piece "Prelude" which fades right into the unique and eclectic style this band portrays through "Two Gods".  Their music is not for the normal pop or alternative listener, but does remain true to their eclectic taste along the gothic and all related sub-genres and styles.  I think fans of the soft, moody and ethereal works of Projekt bands enjoy much of their stuff as any old fans of Wax Trax or the newer Metropolis industrial bands.  This broad range comes out through two back-to-back tracks "Cosmetic Citizen" with it's fast-paced, electronics rich piece and then "A Girl Called Harmony" that's slower and brings the ethereal male and female vocal mix.  It's this broad mix of styles as well as just the pure quality in all of their music that has made fans out of so many listeners.

With sixteen tracks to choose from, there are plenty of favorites on this album.  There are a few that even for someone that enjoys so many unique and broad musical tastes as I do, are still just a little beyond my tastes in tracks like "Monkey in a Bin" or "Beast of Burden".  However, this has proved to be more of the exception than the norm as favorites like already mentioned "A Girl Called Harmony" rides right along the super cool, yet awesomely unique piece "A'dam & Eva" - even with the vocals and styles that sound so much like what you would expect from Siouxsie and the Banshees.  But then you get to the ethereal pieces "Dreamsleep" and "Into the Waves" and ethereal music fans like me are literally mesmerized and taken away.  I think it's just amazing how a band like this can pull together so many different styles and pieces into something so dynamic as this album and then still include pieces like these two that are just beautiful.

Besides the music, we're also presented with a 16-page booklet which also portrays the extremely unique artwork in this limited edition digi-pack.  It's all just another great album that Attrition fans can be proud of and really enjoy.  And if you're a new fan, this is the perfect disc for you to start off your collection.

Rating: 3.5/5

Label: Two Gods

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