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What started out as a tough year for us with the news of Live365 shutting down turned out to be one of our best years. We've been going strong now for eighteen years and have always tried to find the best music to share without sponsors, advertising and so forth. With the closing of Live365 we moved over to Radionomy which has it's own pros and cons. At first we had a lot of problems with them and it was a big adjustment, but over time we've been able to find how best to manage our radio show there. Though we were deeply saddened to have to close down our Ethereal radio show to secure the listening numbers we needed to stay active, in the end our single show has been more successful than our combined shows have ever been. More people are tuning in and listening than ever before, so we're very happy that in the end 2016 has turned out to be our best year and look forward to many more and much more great music!

It was another great year for great music as we saw many huge releases. We had everything from discovering great new music from new artists from the likes of Sykoya, Sound of Eleven, We Are Temporary and others. And this was a huge year for the 30 year anniversary of The Mission and the release of their new album. New works from Delain, Sirenia, Covenant, In Strict Confidence, Project Pitchfork, Dead When I Found Her and dozens of others all saw the light of day this year. There are huge names and those artists that are just struggling to be heard, but all of them had great music to present. We continue to hear good news from many independent artists and labels going strong as everyone adapts better to the digital age. We now have streaming services and royalties being paid so maybe, just maybe there's not quite so much piracy going on. Many artists have found they can just release individual tracks over bandcamp and other media outlets, others pull together the full package or do other special releases such as the many vinyl releases we've seen this year. And many bands have found they do a combination of the above with a ton of live shows to get the word out. Overall, it's great to see so many succeed and we applaud them all for using their talents and creative genius to provide us with great music.

Through it all it's great to hear these bands produce and release great music and it gives the world hope, hope for a better future and hope that the music will play on. Again we thank everyone for reading, sharing and listening and for all the positive feedback that we receive from all over the world. We hope that we're able to introduce you to some great new music that you can enjoy and help these wonderfully talented artists get the word out about their great music. We look forward to another great year in 2017.

Best Releases of 2016

Following is a list of some of the best releases out of hundreds that have been released throughout the year. Making these decisions is always tough and putting them in any order even harder. Some of these will appear on other lists throughout the world, some lists are based on sales, some are just subjective opinion, etc. We use a combination of information we gather, but all in all it's just a judgement call based on quality, talent, creativity and what we're able to get our hands on. Here they are, hopefully your favorites for the year are listed here as well:

Lights That Change - Byzantium Lights That Change - Byzantium - After waiting for so long we were finally presented with their official debut album. Though they've been teasing us and satiating our desire for great music over the years with single track releases and small EPs here and there, it was great to finally have this full album for release. Packed with great music including a favorite from last year in the form of "Voices", this is definitely one of the best albums of the year.
Sykoya - Strange Night Sykoya - Strange Night - This band came out of nowhere and overnight they were a favorite with our listeners and definitely with us. Though this EP only presented us with four original tracks and a remix, we were instantly hooked. To add to this great album we were also presented with the new single "Your Silence" which was also an instant favorite.
Mirror - Mirror Mirror - Mirror - While this was actually a reissue of their 2008 debut album, for us it was brand new and we were left wondering how in the world all this time has past without knowing of this excellent project. So with this reissue we're happy to treat it as a brand new release for us and maybe many of our readers and listeners. It's a great work of catchy new wave hooks with sweet vocals both female and including guest vocalist Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.
Dead When I Found Her - Eyes On Backwards Dead When I Found Her - Eyes On Backwards - We were actually a bit late last year with a review and presentation of their limited 2CD release of All The Way Down and it had some very memorable tracks that remained in our top 10, many weeks at number 1. So with this release this year with another set of excellent tracks, we present this band with their latest album as one of the best in 2016, and definitely one of the best classic industrial sounds we've heard lately.
Mercury's Antennae - Beneath The Serene Mercury's Antennae - Beneath The Serene - The debut album from this project landed this year with a deep impression made by their heavenly ethereal shoegaze style. Packed with great music and tracks that remained a staple in our playlists for much of the year and a great favorite here.
An Danzza - Whispers of the Forest An Danzza - Whispers of the Forest - After the slightly disappointing release of Scintilla compared to previous works it was a pleasant surprise to hear this album. The creativity and talent abounds throughout with the spellbinding mystical world the listener is transported through on this album with angelic vocals and sweet lilting sounds covering everything from fantasy, medieval and ethereal for a great new masterpiece.
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - These Fleeting Moments Black Tape for a Blue Girl - These Fleeting Moments - This was one of our first favorite ethereal projects from many, many years ago. With great interest we've followed the career of Sam Rosenthal and his guest musicians and vocalists. This release brings us back to the apex of his career and with the return of Oscar Herrera and addition of his daughter Danielle it is a true masterpiece, one of the truly great releases from this project.
Delerium - Mythologie Delerium - Mythologie - While this was an introduction of this project to the pages of Gothic Paradise, this legendary band needs no introduction. With this being their fifteenth album, the sound is honed and refined with heavenly voices floating over spellbinding electronica and trip-hop styles for a new classic and memorable album for years to come.
Delain - Moonbathers Delain - Moonbathers - This is another great band that is new to our pages, but not new to the music scene and their thousands of fans throughout the world. This is their fifth album and they keep going strong with their epic symphonic metal style with hard pounding drums, grinding guitars and powerful female vocals.
Assemblage 23 - Endure Assemblage 23 - Endure - This album is so appropriately named as that's just what this project does is endure and release great new music year after year. We've been along for the ride over most of the way and it has been great to hear album after album and never be disappointed.

Best Newcomer of 2016

Sykoya - Sykoya - We were introduced to so many great new bands this year, it was nearly impossible to choose a favorite out of all of them. However, once we heard their short EP and follow-up piece "Your Silence", we were smitten. This is definitely the best new discovery of 2016 and it was a joy to share them with our readers and listeners as we played every track from their EP on our radio shows. Their beautiful style of dark electro-pop is moving and brooding, dripping with emotion and powerful imagery. This is definitely something we've grown to love here and we welcome them with open arms to the pages and airwaves of Gothic Paradise for many years to come.

Radio Top 10 of 2016

Since we combined our radio shows it has been harder and harder to present our top 10 each week with so much great music. And even harder to narrow it all down for the best ten tracks of all of 2016 of the hundreds that we've aired over the year. These are like new best friends that have survived the good times and the bad and we present them here as our best songs of 2016.

Gothic Paradise Radio Best of 2016
  1. Mirror - Nowhere - Mirror
  2. Sykoya - Your Silence - Your Silence
  3. Assemblage 23 - Ignorance [Mr. Kitty Rmx] - Endure
  4. Dead When I Found Her - High Anxiety - Eyes On Backwards
  5. Avarice in Audio - Crystal Tears (Alter Der Ruine Mix) - Apollo & Dionysus
  6. Black Tape for a Blue Girl - She's Gone - These Fleeting Moments
  7. Covenant - Sound Mirrors - Sound Mirrors
  8. Delain - Danse Macabre - Moonbathers
  9. An Danzza - Faint Song - Whispers of the Forest
  10. Mercury's Antennae - Beneath the Serene - Beneath the Serene

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