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In 2001, the duo Shawn Brice and I-Li Chang formed Bloodwire in Oakland, California.  Shawn is a former member of the popular goth/industrial group Battery.  The formation of this group is a rather oft-told story of Shawn writing an instrumental piece as a gift for I-Li and I-Li turning around, adding her own vocals to the track and giving it back to Shawn as a gift.  They were happy with the result and soon joined forces and talents for this new diverse electronic group.

Since 2001 they have spent some time off and on writing and recording their music.  The result of all of this hard work is their debut self-released album Transformation released in the spring of 2005.  The band didn't waste any time in promoting the album and immediately hit the road with friends and similar artists Hungry Lucy for an extensive North American tour.

As mentioned above, this group has many similarities to the quite diverse electronic group Hungry Lucy.  The musical styles range from smooth trip-hop, sultry synth and new wave styles, occasional driving electronics and mixture of rich warm textures and vocals with cold technology.  Fans of the various "Heavenly Voices" artists and various down-tempo and trip-hop bands will certainly enjoy the dynamic music this duo has pulled together.  Listeners and readers of Gothic Paradise can hear selections on the radio shows here.  Also be sure to check out the band's website where they have sound clips, the latest news and other up-to-date information on their music and activities.

Transformation - Review

Before the word reached me of Hungry Lucy touring with this band, I had only heard of them in related circles and articles.  I've listened to the album several times as I often do before doing a review and it has been growing on me.  While I love diversity, heaveny female vocals and a wide range of electronic music, not all trip-hop or related music immediately hits me as something more than just pop or smooth jazzy hip hop or soul with a darker feel.

However, this album does have something that immediately grabbed my attention and made me pay attention and listen.  While I-Li's vocals are heavenly and sultry, combining the awesome emotional textures with a solid no-nonsense tone, it was really the combination of these vocals with the unique and diverse electronic soundscapes that caught my attention.  These vary from the harsh, almost industrial rhythms and resonating synths to the smooth neo-classical elements, but always keeping something of a rhythm and beat moving it along.

Favorite tracks that stand out with these diverse styles attracted my attention from the very first song "Boardwater" which I immediately picked for a selection for the radio.  After the smooth intro, this gradually builds with a nice mid-tempo beat and solid vocals.  "Overdue" hit me as something more moving and edgier with up-beat percussion and harsher electronics while I-Li tones down the harshness into something personal and meaningful.  Others were a mix of these two, and I describe them as electronic shoegazer, starting slow and building into something more and more intense to a climax near the end and suddengly fading out leaving the listener breathless.  A frenzy of emotion, music and swirling textures.

The "pop" element is in their music from track to track, yet even the most eclectic listener will find something enjoyable on this album.  From the pop-laiden track "Accusations", the electronics and overall feel gradually bring the listener back into the underground realm where the black-clad listener can feel isolated and not so exposed.  The entire album drifts in and out of all of these styles and diversities winding up in the finale "Remains" which seems to be something of a simple ballad that is catchy and memorable, leaving the same impression on the listener for the album as a whole.

Rating: 4/5

Interview and Concert Notes - May 2005

We had the great opportunity to watch an incredible show at a small, intimate and very comfortable venue.  Three bands performed including locals QStandsForQ, Bloodwire and Hungry LucyHungry Lucy had performed in town before for the Dark Arts Festival, a performance which we had regretfully missed.  So it was a great opportunity to see all three of these bands play live.

QStandsForQ took the stage first and put on an awesome shoegazer's dream show.  Plenty of low, distorted guitar, minimalistic keyboards and acoustic guitars as well.  The band pulled off an excellent performance that would make any sad-core fan swoon.

This was the first tour for Bloodwire and so they had only played a few shows.  They took the stage next and put on a show that was comparable to a band that had been performing for years!  Shawn and I-Li were flawless in their performance whether they took up guitars or were swaying to their mix of ethereal and electronic masterpieces.

Hungry Lucy was the final act for the night and presented their unique mix of sweet, mysterious and emotional music for their fans.  They really got into the show playing many favorites from their recent and past works, concentrating on their latest album To Kill A King.  They put on a solid performance that will be remembered by us for a very long time.


Gothic Paradise - We are here sitting with the band members of Hungry Lucy (War-N Harrison and Christa Belle) and Bloodwire (Shawn Brice and I-Li Chang), just a few minutes before their performance at Sugarbeats in Salt Lake City Utah.

Gothic Paradise - We would like to start with a couple of questions for Bloodwire.  This is the first interview that the band has done, and we are curious to know the history of the band’s name.

Shawn - Well, the website wasn’t taken (laughs).  We had to have a good website for the bandname or else people wouldn’t know to go there.  And then we were searching for some kind of name that is a combination of mechanical and human. The blood is the emotions and human part, and the wire represents all the electronics in the music. It is kind of weird, when people hear the name of the band, initially they tend to think of us, as a death metal band, (laughing).

Gothic Paradise - The name does sound dark, but as you listen to the music you find out that it is not really the case.  And then along the same lines what is behind the album name Transformation?

Shawn - It’s just that we’re both very shy people and so we had to sort of transform and come out of our shell in order to express this stuff to everyone.

I-Li - Especially for me, since I had never been on stage, I had no idea what it would be like.  I also worked for a hypnotherapist and they used the term “Transformation” a lot, and so it seemed to fit what we’re doing.

Gothic Paradise - Turning to Hungry Lucy, most of us are familiar that the name of the band comes from a ghost story, however, we are not familiar with the story itself. What can you tell us about it?

Hungry Lucy - It is the love story of a woman named Lucy, and a man named Alfred.  Alfred was sent to the revolutionary war while Lucy stayed in their town house. While Alfred was fighting in the war, Lucy was doing what it was expected of her as a women back them, which was to stay where they were.  Lucy got sick, there was a fever epidemic and she died, but her soul was so longing for Alfred that she didn’t believe that she had died and stayed in the house. But as she had died, Alfred had also died in the war. As much time went by and people went through the town house,  they started noticing that there was something or someone in the house.

Well it wasn’t until June Havoc lived there and she called a medium Hanz Holzer and they did a séance and they figured out it was Lucy.  The reason that they called her Hungry Lucy was because she would moan for food but she couldn’t eat because she was… dead.

People have asked me if it’s a ghost I know, which it isn’t, but the supernatural is something that I’ve felt and been exposed to since I was little with my sister.  So it’s something I feel close to.

Gothic Paradise - Something that I really like to get from each of the bands that interview is to find out past and present influences.  So if you each want to share with us some of your influences, I think people might find it interesting.

War-N - My first influence was Wendy Carlos.  She is an electronic musician and she took classical music, particularly Bach and played it all on synthesizers.  It was really good stuff and that’s what got me interested in electronic music.  Today?  My favorite band today is Bloodwire!  You’ll know what I mean after you hear them play tonight.

Christa - I refused one of my major influences for a long time because she wasn’t really “cool”.  It was Dolly Parton and you know, when you grow up and you listen to your parents’ music, you don’t want to like it.  But when I got older I realized that she was an excellent songwriter and I always have loved Olivia Newton-John and still do.  I was also influenced by a lot of others and recently I’ve been listening to a LOT of Tori Amos.

Shawn - Related to what War-N said, they used to have these public service announcements when I was a kid and they would play one of the Brandenburg Concertos by Walter Carlos, so that was one of the things that stood out while watching cartoons.  They would have these little “Knowledge is Power” type of things and playing that in the background and that was one of the influences growing up.  I guess Depeche Mode was probably the thing that changed it all for me.  Just in their use of sounds and song structure and things like that.  For Transformation I listened to tons of stuff, like one of the influences for that is the last Brandy album.  The beats on that are just amazing.  The Notwist and my ultimate band The Cure are also great influences.

I-Li - Oh No… my turn?  I always grew up in love with keyboardists like Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, Joe Jackson, Howard Jones, Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode.  And so surprisingly I married this guy (pointing to Shawn) and excellent keyboardist and he’s my main inspiration.  And then as vocals go, I’m not sure.  I listen to a lot of Cocteau Twins growing up and This Mortal Coil and you know, a lot of the Delerium stuff and definitely Hungry Lucy!

Shawn & I-Li - It’s great to be on tour together because we get to hear each other’s sets every night.  And we never get tired of it.

Gothic Paradise - Here’s a question for the two vocalists: have either of you had any vocal training?

I-Li & Christa - No… except the car (laughing).

Gothic Paradise - So you probably go into the studio and record it all in one take, right?

Christa - OH NO…  sometimes we’ll go in and record and listen to it over and over and go back in the next week to do it all over again.

Shawn - One of our things is that I-Li does karate and she’ll go do a work out and come back fresh from that to record.

I-Li - It’s the best time to come back.  My lungs are open… martial arts helps a lot!

Gothic Paradise - As you all have described your influences it’s apparent in much of your music… well, maybe not so much Dolly Parton, but many of the others are there.  But the mention of Brandy in the music with the trip hop coming from that hip-hop style.  So I think we can all relate now how all the music came together.

Gothic Paradise - Here’s a really tough one for you that I also like to find out.  From your own music, what’s your favorite song that you’ve done?

War-N - It depends on what level, I mean… if you sit down and really listen to it, I think “Softly” is one of my favorites.  Performing live, I think “In The Circle” is my favorite because I get to hit stuff.  So it depends on the mood, it depends on the day.

I-Li - I think my favorite is probably “Caving In”, because it was one of the songs I was crying “no, it can’t be on the album, it’s horrible”.  And then Shawn did his magic and it turned out great.  That one is definitely something that turned out completely different than the original sketch.

Shawn - That was definitely one where I really started thinking differently about how to construct a song.

Gothic Paradise - That actually brings me to my next question.  (Turning to Bloodwire) – Obviously you’ve just gotten started, so I can’t really ask you much about your history or how you’ve changed, but maybe I can ask you how you might do something different in the future, how you might approach your next album or any future changes?

Shawn - The album has two directions of being harsh and soft, and I think we make take that a little farther, maybe more extreme.  Maybe faster and heavier stuff and even softer stuff.

Gothic Paradise - (Turning to Hungry Lucy) – For you I get to ask both questions, how do you feel your music has changed over the years?

War-N - It seems like for the first two albums, especially for the first one, it was more about trying to create something and then maybe push it into a style.  So it had more of a darker theme.  For Glo I wanted to go the opposite direction and make it a little happier.  And for To Kill A King, I didn’t care, I just wanted to write some songs and so the style doesn’t really matter.

Christa - We never go into it thinking what style it’s going to be.

Gothic Paradise - Right, and I don’t mean to imply or even ask about specific styles.

War-N - See, that’s the trick is once you’ve created it, you have to market it and so it’s inevitable, you have to pigeon-hole it.

Gothic Paradise - And I hate to pigeon-hole anything, but from my experience when I write a review of something, I have to find a way to explain to people who have never heard Hungry Lucy before what you actually sound like.  And the only real way to do that is to compare and classify the music somehow.  And Hungry Lucy is hard especially because Alfa-Matrix puts out all of those remixes… so if you’re a synthpop fan you can pick up the DJ mixes or whatever, then pick those up.  But if you’re a Projekt fan then pick up disc 1 of Glo and To Kill a King.

War-N - Something for everyone… (laughing)

Gothic Paradise - Right, it really is… and for Bloodwire as you expand more I can see that also.

Shawn - If you have any descriptions to give us…

I-Li - Yeah, we had a hard time trying to describe our album.

Gothic Paradise - Trip hop is one of the first things that comes to mind… it fits right onto the Noir Record compilation.  It just flows well with all of those selections.

Gothic Paradise - OK, with both Shawn and War-N, you’ve both had a lot of contact and work with Cop International, a good label, but yet both of you release your own work.

War-N - I’ll tell you why, and there are a number of good reasons for doing this.  From the business standpoint, while all of these independent labels have good intentions, they have a limited budget and it’s spread over several bands.  Ultimately they’re not doing anything that we can’t do ourselves, in fact we can probably do it better because we can focus everything into that.  It’s just so much better unless you get some huge label that’s going to just pour tons of money into it.

Gothic Paradise - And I think you’ve got that with Alfa-Matrix in Europe they’ve opened tons of doors for you (referring to Hungry Lucy).

Shawn - It has nothing to do with COP, it’s just better to get 100% of very little then a small percentage.

Gothic Paradise - Finally, our last question… you’re about halfway done with this tour, what has been a highlight of the tour for you?

Christa - Chicago was fun.
War-N - I think Boston was a pretty good show.
I-Li - Our first show was fun in North Carolina.

War-N -  The best part has been touring with our best friends.  We’ve been friends for years and we finally get to tour together.

Gothic Paradise - What really stands out in your mind?  The crowd reactions or what exactly?

Christa - The crowds haven?t been big by any means, but they?ve been very appreciative, the people that have been there.
War-N - I would take a crowd of 30 enthusiastic people over 300 that want you off the stage.

Gothic Paradise - With that, I think we?re about out of time, but is there anything you want to shout out to the fans?

Everyone - Thank you to all the fans!

Website: www.bloodwire.com

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