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Latching onto the Electronic Industrial influences that are abounding lately, Carphax Files brings to their world their own version of the same.  Hailing currently from Salt Lake City, this project is the brainchild of Jsin Marx. Coupled with a myriad of seemingly ever-changing members, they put their talents to work producing this hard-hitting music.  Officially started in 1999, Carphax Files has been putting together songs little by little until they were able to play a few live shows and a few years later they signed with COP International to release their debut album Vengeance.  With this experience and label support, they were bound to get plenty of exposure in Europe, much of the United States and even much of the rest of the world.

2008 brings us to the second chapter in their history as they refocus and redouble their efforts. They are constantly performing live shows, mainly in their local scene, but also occasionally in other venues. Their new album highlights this new chapter in their lives and brings a solid presence to the electro-industrial scene.

With an entire philosophy behind the music, this group delves into the things that we all face in one way or another in many countries throughout the world, whether they are political, emotional and other views.  With a definite Industrial foundation, fans of the great Electro/Industrial music should latch right onto the music produced by this group.  Harsh vocals, supported by driving industrial rhythms and electronics permeate the music provided by this duo.

Listen to their aggressive melodies around the internet, including here on Gothic Paradise radio.

Revolutions vol 1: dirt - Review

It has been quite a while since their debut album and while I've been privy to their local live shows occasionally, I've known they've been working on new material and seen the band slowly change and progress, but it's great to finally have it out in another raging album of work. On this disc we're presented with 10 driving pieces covering the range of electro-industrial styles from melodic to harsh, driving and powerful.

The easiest way to start with this album is to compare it to their previous work to see how the band has evolved and also how they have remained true to the original style. Obviously the music is layered with electronics, samples and harsh vocals. Each piece is emotionally charged, though I detect a slightly more mature approach on this disc using direct lyrics with the harsh vocals, though a little bit of the shock factor is gone, making it more enjoyable for a general audience that enjoys this music for what it is and not for how it can shock the general public. The overall effect is a powerful and cohesive album, while maybe it doesn't include something like "Another Chance To Kill", it is more consistent throughout.

"Constitutionalize" kicks off the album and is the most like the previous work with possibly the harshest approach to the music. But as the album moves on we get a nice variety on the musical style and content. Nothing really gets very melodic and the harsh vocals with slight distortion remains strong throughout, however, pieces like "Murder" featuring Emileigh Rohn of Chiasm are an excellent touch where the music and vocal layout deviates from the standard. Then you have the chants on "Laser Beams" that bring out the EBM roots coupled with some additional and notable guitar (though it's also present and more subtle on other pieces as well). With these elements it becomes a well-rounded album.

I've already touched on some favorites, but I think it's worth mentioning little bits and pieces here and there that stand out. Starting with "Constitutionalize" the samples are a solid part of this album, basically starting off this piece and the album with "I believe in America" and "even that is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder". The synths on this piece are also the solid loops you'll find from solid bands like Suicide Commando and God Module. The awesome undulating synths on "Landmines" is an excellent base for this piece as it moves along in a sort of electronic groove. I previously mentioned "Murder" and it's unique nature, but the next piece "No More Man" is another that presents some cool samples and an awesome collapsing bass synths and hard-hitting bass percussion for a solid sound. Ok.. in the end I guess I could comment on each piece, but I'll just mention the closing finale to the album in "God 3.0". Based on the title, it seems this may have been available previously but I couldn't find it exactly. Regardless, this is another different take on their solid style with sort of a dreamy synth structure with a bit of downtempo trance, a grooving beat and the required samples layered throughout. This is a great way to end what really is an excellent album that should definitely be included in any electro-industrial fan's collection.

Rating: 4.5/5

Vengeance - Review

With the surgeance of Elctro/Industrial music lately, it's hard for any one group or album to stand out much anymore.  With each release I pick the albums apart more and more, trying to find something enjoyable, not so much out of the mainstream, but something that speaks to me more than hate and anger in itself.  Carphax Files does this in many ways by providing a medium in Industrial music full of aggression and a reality check of the world we live in, but combines it with catchy melodies, rhythms and aggression for a hard-edged melodic musical style.  As I listen to each track I see the feelings of many people expressed and a desire to make this world a better place.  But rather than just portraying hate and anger, the anger comes out in a plea, a plea for change and a plea for something better.  This hit home to me and makes me enjoy the aggressive vocals and music even more.

Putting philosophies aside and delving into the music, this is a great album just in that aspect.  We are presented with a great variety of music ranging from a touch of danceable power noise, to edgy emotional industrial music pounding out through powerful synth loops and distorted vocals.  From the beginning with the slow building and throbbing sound of "Machine" to the last pounding beat of "Solution" the message is belted out through this aggressive music.  "Machine" is one of the highlights of the album for me with the building rhythms and loops.  But "Another Chance To Kill" really grabs my attention with it's slight Power Noise touches and catchy rhythm that moves me no matter where I happen to be listening.  The absence of distortion in the vocals really provides a break and a nice foundation for the possibilities that this group has even without the edgy distortion.

With the lyrics portraying a message of destruction if we're not careful, the plea is sometimes lost in the agression in the vocals.  This is probably the one thing that I would personally change, but it does come together fairly well for this album.  I think fans of the harsh industrial music out today will love this album for that quality alone.  But you add the dynamics of the rest of the music in it's driving and sometimes melodic nature and you really have a piece of quality work.

Rating: 4/5

Interview - Nov. 14, 2003

GP: First of all, give us a little background on Carphax Files. How did you get started and what drives you?

Jsin: Well, I decided on the name Carphax Files in 1999. I was on a road trip, traveling around the US and some of Canada. Just to see the continent. I started out with a four-track and a Casio Keyboard, and no, none of my first material will ever be released.

The name Carphax Files has a very personal meaning for me. I am not normally a fan of vampire literature, however, Bram Stoker's Dracula is in my top 5 list of love stories. If you've read the novel, you know that the main character plans to be reunited with his true love by purchasing the estate known as Carfax Abbey. I find that in music I have been united with a love that I have longed for throughout my entire life. "Carphax" refers to the passion and fulfillment that I gain from music itself. "Files" represents the form in which my thoughts and compositions are managed.

What drives me? I don't really know. I could say that I am driven by the world fallen in on itself, the struggles of everyday life, or the sounds outside my window, but that's just a small piece of it all. There isn't one specific thing that makes me want to write music. It's what I am. It's always been that one place that I could go where no one else could follow me.

GP: You have just released your debut album on COP International, how did that signing come about?

Jsin: We played a show at SLC's Sanctuary on Dec 16th 2002 with Deathline International. Before the show I simply gave Kim X of COP Intl. a promo pack along with the demo Begin Transmission. Things just snowballed from there. They contacted me in January of 2003 and we have been part of the COP family ever since.

GP: With this release, you manage to put together some classic Industrial influences with much of the modern EBM, what group or musical style is your greatest influence?

Jsin: I listen to a variety of music: folk, jazz, punk rock, electro/industrial, EBM, synthpop, and the list goes on. I can't say that one group in particular has influenced me. There are so many in the industrial genres to enjoy and get inspiration from.

Industrial music, in general, has to be one of the most complex theories of music ever conceived, so I would say that it is my biggest influence. It contains something that so many other styles of music seem to have forgotten. It holds strands of creativity that are almost unimaginable, and I love it.

GP: With this industrial style and the lyrics in your music, you focus a lot on destruction, revenge, government corruption, yet on the last page of your booklet you include a scripture from Genesis in the Bible which is about creation. Why the inclusion of this scripture?

Jsin: It's a beautiful quote, isn't it?

The world is a void and is without form. It's chaos at its finest. This is where the world has given up on itself. I see it and it angers me. There's corruption, there's so much within every system of life that it's overwhelming. The world has created a belief system that is leading itself to certain destruction.

In order to create a better world we first need to destroy this belief system. Without destruction of these thoughts, there can never be the creation of a "better life." Life is what you make of it, and we need to make it better.

My lyrics can and will be taken in many different ways. Their focus is to make people realize that there is a very real problem that needs to be solved and without standing up, acknowledging it, and trying to make a difference, nothing will ever change.

GP: This is a debut album, so you don't have a lot of material to choose from, but what has been your favorite track to work on and to listen to so far?

Jsin: I like Damage Inc. I think its lyrical and musical content have really captured a lot of my feelings. That we must continue to "damage" our minds in order to not only understand, but accept and respect a non-traditional society. No, I'm not an anarchist, I just have my own standards of living and I want others to have that same privilege.

GP: What do you hope that people take from your music when they listen to your album?

Jsin: I want Vengeance to profess hope for something more. What these images and lyrics are expressing is the right to your own system, to make a choice and live that choice no matter what the consequence. To me, it is important that you exist where you want to exist in your life. If someone takes it from you, take it back. And don't give up until you're where you want to be.

I think it's important to point out that I am not anti-government. This is a political album, but I'm not really that political.

I believe that there has to be a system for our society, but I think we should never stop questioning and trying to perfect the system. There's always room for improvement.

GP:  Tell us about your future plans and goals with this release and future work?

Jsin: I really have no clue where this album is going to go. I never thought it would get to where it is, but that's neither here nor there.

My future plans are to step away from the political side of things. I have said what I have wanted to say in that area, for the most part. I want to get into my personal points of view of my life itself, without the politics.

GP: Is there anything else you would like to add that you feel is important in describing Carphax Files or words for fans and public in general?

Jsin: Evolve. Fight complacency. Word up.

Label: COP International

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