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[ A Covenant of Thorns - If The Heavens Should Fall ]
[ A Covenant of Thorns - Hallowed Hallow ]
[ Aarktica - In Sea ]
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[ Absurd Minds - NoumenoN ]
[ Absurd Minds - The Focus ]
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[ Aenima - Sentient ]
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[ Aeon Sable - Per Aspera Ad Astra ]
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[ Aesma Daeva - Dawn of the New Athens ]
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[ Alice in Videoland - Outrageous! ]
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[ All My Faith Lost ... - The Hours ]
[ All My Faith Lost ... - As You're Vanishing In Silence ]
[ Anabantha - Sin Decir Adios ]
[ And One - Frontfeuer EP ]
[ And One - Bodypop ]
[ And One - Aggressor ]
[ Android Lust - Devour, Rise and Take Flight ]
[ Android Lust - The Dividing ]
[ Angelic Foe - Oppressed by the Heavens ]
[ AngelTheory - Re-Possession ]
[ Angels & Agony - Unison ]
[ Angels & Agony - Avatar ]
[ Anima Virus - End of the Eden ]
[ Anti-M - Damage ]
[ Apraxia - Trite Permission ]
[ Arcana - As Bright As A Thousand Suns ]
[ Arcana - Emerald ]
[ Arcana - Raspail ]
[ Arcana - Le Serpent Rouge ]
[ Arcana - The New Light ]
[ Arcana - Inner Pale Sun ]
[ Arditi - Omni Ensis Impera ]
[ Artesia - Wanderings ]
[ Artesia - Chants d'Automne ]
[ Artesia - Hilvern ]
[ Arts of Erebus - On The Edge Of Insanity ]
[ Arts of Erebus - Dawn of the Dead ]
[ Ascii.Disko - Black Orchid: From Airlines To Lifelines ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Bruise ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Compass ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Meta ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Binary ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Ground ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Storm ]
[ Assemblage 23 - Let The Wind Erase Me ]
[ Ataraxia - Llyr ]
[ Atrium Animae - Dies Irae ]
[ Attrition - The Jeopardy Maze ]
[ Attrition - Smiling, at the Hypogonder Club ]
[ Attrition - At the Fiftieth Gate ]
[ Attrition - 3 Arms & a Dead Cert ]
[ Attrition - In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts ]
[ Attrition - Tearing Arms From Deities ]
[ Aura Noctis - Vitae Proelium ]
[ Aura Noctis - Itineris I ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Divinian ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Eifelian ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Ablaze ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Shades Of Grey ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Riverine ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Over the Ocean ]
[ Aythis - Glacia ]
[ Azoic, The - Corruption EP ]
[ Azoic, The - Illuminate ]
[ Azoic, The - Conflict EP ]
[ Azoic, The - Forward... ]
[ backandtotheleft - Obsolete ]
[ Behind the Scenes - Pure ]
[ Bella Lune - Secrets ]
[ Bella Lune - Ophelia ]
[ Bella Lune - Synesthesia ]
[ Bella Morte - Before The Flood ]
[ Bella Morte - Beautiful Death ]
[ Bella Morte - Bleed The Grey Sky Black ]
[ Bella Morte - Songs For The Dead ]
[ Bella Morte - As The Reasons Die ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Hide and Seek ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Imaginary Monsters ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Pins and Needles ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Walking With Strangers ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Violet ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Violet EP ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Nothing and Nowhere ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Gril - The Rope ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Gril - Remnants of a Deeper Purity ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Halo Star ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Tarnished ]
[ Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky ]
[ Blackmore's Night - Winter Carols ]
[ Blank - Dark Retreat ]
[ Blank - Impact Zone ]
[ Blank - Artificial Breathing ]
[ Blank - Overhead EP ]
[ Bloodwire - Transformation ]
[ Blue Birds Refuse To Fly - Xenomorph Angel ]
[ Bow Ever Down - The Product Of My Pain ]
[ Brillig - The Red Coats ]
[ Brillig - The Plagiarist ]
[ Brotherhood - Turn The Gold To Chrome ]
[ Caelum Bliss - 1993-1999 ]
[ Carol Blaze - I Killed My Love ]
[ Carphax Files - Revolutions vol 1: dirt ]
[ Carphax Files - Vengeance ]
[ Cathedral Park - Monument ]
[ Cell Division - Chymeia ]
[ Cervello Elettronico - Negate the Instigator ]
[ Cesium_137 - Intelligent Design ]
[ Cesium_137 - Luminous ]
[ Cesium_137 - Elemental ]
[ Chandeen - Blood Red Skies ]
[ Chandeen - Teenage Poetry ]
[ Chandeen - Pandora's Box ]
[ Changelings - Debut ]
[ Changelings - Astronomica ]
[ Chiasm - 11:11 ]
[ Chiasm - Obligatory ]
[ Chiasm - Reform ]
[ Chiasm - Relapse ]
[ Chiasm - Divided We Fall ]
[ Chiasm - Disorder ]
[ Charlotte's Shadow - Hush ]
[ Claire Voyant - Lustre ]
[ Claire Voyant - Love Is Blind ]
[ Code 64 - Departure ]
[ Collection d'Arnell-Andrea - Exposition ]
[ Collide - These Eyes Before ]
[ Collide - Two Headed Monster ]
[ Collide - Like The Hunted DVD ]
[ Collide - Live At The El Rey ]
[ Collide - Vortex ]
[ Collide - Some Kind Of Strange ]
[ Colony 5 - Buried Again ]
[ Colony 5 - Knives ]
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[ Corvus Corax - Best Of Corvus Corax ]
[ Covenant - Modern Ruin ]
[ Covenant - Skyshaper ]
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[ Covenant - Northern Light ]
[ Creating.Paradise - Killing Dreams EP ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Immortal ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Birthday ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Dreamcypher ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Fortress in Flames]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Telemetry of a Fallen Angel ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Ethernaut ]
[ Culture Kultür - Spirit ]
[ Culture Kultür - Reborn ]
[ Cylix - Alpha ]
It was 1998 when members Isaac Glendening and Matthew Cargil first formed Cesium_137.  They began experimenting with a various mix of dance-friendly Industrial and Electronic music.  Their third member Vincent Guzzardo later joined the group with his talents and passion for Synthpop and EBM music.  They later released their debut album Advanced/Decay on Tonedeaf Records.  Along with this album they released two singles The Fall and Regrets which both have received a lot of play in clubs and radio shows around the world.  Through various events and collaborations with extremely talented professionals they embarked on the next chapter in their career.  During this time they caught the attention of Metropolis Records for the release of their next album.  This sophomore work came about through all of this hard work and talent in the form of Elemental.  The lineup has changed with the departure of Matthew Cargil to serve in the U.S. Navy.  We wish him the best of luck and a safe return and hope to see him involved with the band in the future.

The release of Elemental seemed to mark a new chapter in the history of this band.  They quickly followed up this sophomore release with their remix album Luminous which gave people a new view of the band through the various remixes.  The band went back into the studio in 2005 to work on their next release and soon came out with their digital only single release Hollow.  This single gave fans a quick glimpse into the future of what the band had in store, more melodic, dance-friendly synthpop, slowly moving away from their previous EBM and Industrial influences.  Early 2006 saw the release of Intelligent Design and the fans have had a positive reaction to it providing more hope for a great future for this band.

Fans of Synthpop and EBM music should be pleased with the work from this talented group.  They manage to capture many elements of classic EBM styles similar to early Front 242, yet they add their own experimental and dance-friendly touches.  Over their relatively short career and these three albums their style and sound have matured capturing better chord progressions and a fuller and more melodic style.  Their first album has a little harsher quality to it with slightly distorted or angry, shouting vocals, while the second and third works take on a melodic approach with the vocals.  This progression and combination is fun in ways and more emotionally captivating in others.

With this solid foundation and successful past, they head into what looks to be a very promising future.  I have followed their career with great interest from the time of the release of their first single The Fall.  I join many other fans in celebrating each new release.  More details are given in the reviews below and you can catch selected tracks on the Club radio show here.

Intelligent Design - Review

Having followed this band closely over the years, it's a pleasure to present this, their third full-length album to the masses.  If fans were pleased with their previous album and the new twist away from the harsh industrial elements, then this album should also be a real pleaser. They take their melodic synthpop style while incorporating various experimental elements and build on that for this album which presents us ten new tracks.

The music on this album dives right into the moving club-friendly beats and layered synths on "Forsaken".  This track brings the experimental hooks to the front that this band likes to add through various loops of bleeps and funky electronics.  While I love the melodic synth structures that come together on this album, these experimental elements really wear on me after a while and feel like they could easily be left out and actually improve the work.  Luckily they do keep these elements to a minimum, especially as we move on to the new single "Hollow".  You can see why this piece was picked out as the single as it really sports some of the best elements of modern synth music, layered synths, melodic vocals and hard-driving percussion.  "Gravity", "Taken" and "Agonist" are each new masterpieces that move along these lines and have quickly become favorite pieces on this album.

The album introduces a slower piece "Slow Draw" which gives us a break from the driving synths, but really doesn't offer us anything outstanding.  The pace is picked up again and the experimental loops are brought out on "Transient".  I had this track turned down while I was attempting to do something else and the rapid layered percussion and looped electronics really started to get on my nerves.  Luckily "Phoenix" recovers from this piece as another memorable piece for synth fans to enjoy.  At this point I think we've past the album's climax as "Eastern Sky" and "Ghosting" wrap up the album.

Once again the band has captured the essence of great synthpop, they could really do without the extra experimental bleeps and loops, but overall it's a good work.

Rating: 3.5/5

Luminous - Review

Here is another remix album released in the latter part of 2004.  During this time we were presented with a number of these remix albums and out of those that were released, this seems to be the one that stands out the most as an above-average work. Contained on this work are ten tracks, of which we have four previously unreleased works and a bonus video of "The Weakener".

The one drawback to this release is that with only ten tracks, you would think they wouldn't have repeated tracks.  But this isn't the case, in fact the remaining six tracks, there are three distinct with two remixes of each.  So I thought it was good we had some good exclusive tracks as well as these remixes.  Otherwise it would have been something of a waste.  Out of the remixes, about half are really good and the others are about average.  Imperative Reaction has impressed me with their two albums and they carry on with an excellent remix of "Atrophy" which was already a great work to begin with.  I was very impressed with the latest album from Flesh Field, but the remix they present here of "Frayed" leaves something to be desired.  I'm not one to tell people how to write or perform their music, but with the excellent cinematic styles they usually portray, I think that style would have made a great remix for this track.  However, what was presented is a bombastic approach of overwhelming percussion and grinding guitar.  It certainly is powerful as you would expect from them, but I found it a little overwhelming.

The exclusive tracks on this album have mostly made it worth having for me.  They carry on maturing their sound providing dance-friendly, intelligent electro-pop / synthpop tracks.  "Legacy" is a powerful dance track that combines some great synth loops with their smooth vocals.  "The Weakener" is another stellar track along these same lines.  This is also presented as the bonus video which is fun as a short film and something other than just a video of a live performance.  "In Dreams" falls short slightly with a monotonous style in the music and synth loops, but "Walk Away" makes up for it with the mid-tempo ballad-like style.

Overall this is a well-done remix / bonus work.  It's more of a mini-album with the repeat tracks for the remixes, so listeners should be aware of that.

Rating: 3.5/5

Elemental - Review

Over the years with the release of their two singles and album, I've been looking forward to the new work from this band.  With their popular single Regrets, I knew that this band had great potential.  This album seems to be the key that has unlocked that potential and it has now exploded onto the scene with their new approach to their style.  I know that from me and other music critics people will hear about their change and progression, but it is evident that they have managed to form their own style in many ways and it is still apparent in this sophomore work.  I think the biggest change is the shift from the slightly angry shouts and distorted vocals to the clear and melodic vocals.  Other than that, many aspects have remained the same, they concentrate on dance-friendly, electronic industrial-oriented music.

Comprised of eleven pounding tracks, this album brings out the best of this group so far.  "The Storm" serves up an intro that slowly builds over 90 seconds to a thumping beat and melodic synths and vocals.  This creates the template for the album as each track serves up this fast-paced and moving rhythm.  Staying true to the previous album they have put together a couple of instrumental tracks in the form of "Pastlife" and "Hymn".  These two pieces will appeal especially to the fans of the Techno elements that have been creeping more and more into the EBM, Industrial and Synthpop music scenes.  These are well rendered pieces with hypnotic and experimental elements.

Adding a nice twist to their music, and spicing up the melodic approach even more is the inclusion of backing, harmonized female vocals on several tracks.  Petra DeLuca contributes her talents in these situations for a dream-like ambience on top of the stellar rhythms.  My favorite of these is "Apart" which begins slowly in ballad-like form that builds into a symphonic and sweet and enjoyable track.  The pounding rhythm kicks in after this short intro and adds to the feeling and emotion of this track, this is destined to be a classic.  Others of this nature with the backing female vocals include "The Storm" and "Echoes".

I congratulate this band on finding their place in this music scene and cleaning up their sound slightly.  The melodic approach to expressing their feelings and emotions is truly captivating and commendable.  This album ranks up there with other great releases of the year.  Well done!

Rating: 4/5

Label: Metropolis Records

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