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[ Ascii.Disko - Black Orchid: From Airlines To Lifelines ]
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[ Assemblage 23 - Let The Wind Erase Me ]
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[ Aura Noctis - Itineris I ]
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[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Eifelian ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Ablaze ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Shades Of Grey ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Riverine ]
[ Autumn's Grey Solace - Over the Ocean ]
[ Aythis - Glacia ]
[ Azoic, The - Corruption EP ]
[ Azoic, The - Illuminate ]
[ Azoic, The - Conflict EP ]
[ Azoic, The - Forward... ]
[ backandtotheleft - Obsolete ]
[ Behind the Scenes - Pure ]
[ Bella Lune - Secrets ]
[ Bella Lune - Ophelia ]
[ Bella Lune - Synesthesia ]
[ Bella Morte - Before The Flood ]
[ Bella Morte - Beautiful Death ]
[ Bella Morte - Bleed The Grey Sky Black ]
[ Bella Morte - Songs For The Dead ]
[ Bella Morte - As The Reasons Die ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Hide and Seek ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Imaginary Monsters ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Pins and Needles ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Walking With Strangers ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Violet ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Violet EP ]
[ Birthday Massacre, The - Nothing and Nowhere ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Gril - The Rope ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Gril - Remnants of a Deeper Purity ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Halo Star ]
[ Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Tarnished ]
[ Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky ]
[ Blackmore's Night - Winter Carols ]
[ Blank - Dark Retreat ]
[ Blank - Impact Zone ]
[ Blank - Artificial Breathing ]
[ Blank - Overhead EP ]
[ Bloodwire - Transformation ]
[ Blue Birds Refuse To Fly - Xenomorph Angel ]
[ Bow Ever Down - The Product Of My Pain ]
[ Brillig - The Red Coats ]
[ Brillig - The Plagiarist ]
[ Brotherhood - Turn The Gold To Chrome ]
[ Caelum Bliss - 1993-1999 ]
[ Carol Blaze - I Killed My Love ]
[ Carphax Files - Revolutions vol 1: dirt ]
[ Carphax Files - Vengeance ]
[ Cathedral Park - Monument ]
[ Cell Division - Chymeia ]
[ Cervello Elettronico - Negate the Instigator ]
[ Cesium_137 - Intelligent Design ]
[ Cesium_137 - Luminous ]
[ Cesium_137 - Elemental ]
[ Chandeen - Blood Red Skies ]
[ Chandeen - Teenage Poetry ]
[ Chandeen - Pandora's Box ]
[ Changelings - Debut ]
[ Changelings - Astronomica ]
[ Chiasm - 11:11 ]
[ Chiasm - Obligatory ]
[ Chiasm - Reform ]
[ Chiasm - Relapse ]
[ Chiasm - Divided We Fall ]
[ Chiasm - Disorder ]
[ Charlotte's Shadow - Hush ]
[ Claire Voyant - Lustre ]
[ Claire Voyant - Love Is Blind ]
[ Code 64 - Departure ]
[ Collection d'Arnell-Andrea - Exposition ]
[ Collide - These Eyes Before ]
[ Collide - Two Headed Monster ]
[ Collide - Like The Hunted DVD ]
[ Collide - Live At The El Rey ]
[ Collide - Vortex ]
[ Collide - Some Kind Of Strange ]
[ Colony 5 - Buried Again ]
[ Colony 5 - Knives ]
[ Colony 5 - Fixed ]
[ Corvus Corax - Best Of Corvus Corax ]
[ Covenant - Modern Ruin ]
[ Covenant - Skyshaper ]
[ Covenant - Ritual Noise ]
[ Covenant - Northern Light ]
[ Creating.Paradise - Killing Dreams EP ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Immortal ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Birthday ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Dreamcypher ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Fortress in Flames]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Telemetry of a Fallen Angel ]
[ Crüxshadows, The - Ethernaut ]
[ Culture Kultür - Spirit ]
[ Culture Kultür - Reborn ]
[ Cylix - Alpha ]
The Cruxshadows was formed in 1992 by Rogue, Sean Flanagan and Tim Curry in Florida, USA.  Since then, the lineup has changed and evolved, cds have been released and especially over the past 3-4 years a large following has developed all over the world.  The lineup seems to change fairly often with Rogue continuing to anchor this project with a number of other very talented artists.

With several releases and tours under their belt, they're gaining more experience and letting this experience and talents form their music.  Their music is probably most easily explained as Electro-Goth with so many different elements mixed in.  They include the violin on several songs, ancient Egyptian folklore on others, plain and simple Goth music on others mixed with layered synths and guitars.  They have gone through such a wide range, but are very easily recognized with their trademark sound, especially through their most recent years as they seem to focus on a more electronic foundation as each album seems to progress to a more electronic sound.  Those that have followed this trend could be disappointed if they enjoy the old-school goth sound of the early days, or fans could be pleased with the push towards synthpop and EBM.  The content of the lyrics seem to stay along the same lines throughout all of their albums, but there is a definite shift in musical style.

If you haven't picked up anything by this group yet, be sure to check them out.  They can often be heard on the Gothic Paradise club mix, so be sure to have a listen.

Immortal - Review

Continuing their release of singles, capitalizing on the fame they've received on the Billboard charts, this is the latest single from this talented band. This single marks the third of it's kind to enter the Billboard top 10 singles charts, this one hitting #2. We're presented with five total tracks including three diference mixes of the title track as while as a remix of "Ariadne" with the original appearing on Dreamcypher and a final bonus piece.

Like their previous singles, this is another driving anthem-like piece from this band hitting on all the key elements, driving beats, violin and Rogue's vocals belting out some meaningful lyrics. There are some nice driving guitar riffs that appear on all three mixes. I think the steady "four on the floor" beat mixed with the driving added rhythms of the layered instruments are probably the key to helping this to garner the ratings to get it into the Billboard top 10 dance singles. There are some great elements here, especially in the lyrics and guitar riffs that bring to mind the solid goth sounds from years past which help to keep this appealing to long-time fans as well as new.

Both bonus tracks are on the slower ballad-like side and show that the heightened emotional standard remains solid on these as well as the fast-paced dance tracks. Both include some nice piano and of course violin and other trademark sounds. These provide both a nice interlude from the pounding dance beats and a nice finale to the single. I think this track stands out from recent works from this band and I look forward to some more creative pieces to come, though this will most likely appear as part of a "best of" album to be released in the near future.

Rating: 4/5

Birthday - Review

This is the latest single from this band from their album Dreamcypher presenting five tracks for fans to get their hands on. Presented here is the original version appearing on the album as well as two remixes, a "radio edit" and "club mix".  We're also presented with a brand new song "The 8th Square" which definitely makes the single worth picking up just for the b-side.  But a nice little bonus is the cover of the popular Jefferson Airplane piece "White Rabbit".

This piece is easily recognized as a standard anthem from The Crüxshadows with the driving beats, violin and electronics backing Rogue's vocals.  The lyrics are intelligent as is typical and so that's a definite plus for this piece.  The radio edit ends up being just a slightly shorter version leaving out a bit of the introduction and other non-critical elements of the track.  The club mix remix is a slightly different remix featuring some different instruments and a drawn-out introduction allowing a club DJ to beatmix in easily.

The two b-side tracks are well done and fans should enjoy them.  The first is "The 8th Square" which is another typical, moving track from this band with that techno beat and other standard elements.  I was very curious as to what the band would do for a cover version of "White Rabbit", and had a pre-conceived notion that it would be a techno version typical for this group.  However, they threw in a twist and just make it a slow, bombastic piece with plenty of synthesized strings and violin, so overall a good, non-obvious take on the piece.

So there you have it, another treat for fans to enjoy while we wait for them to find time in between touring the world to write and record some more music.  Hopefully they'll find a way to build on their style and make it all just a bit more interesting.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dreamcypher - Review

This was definitely a highly anticipated album based on the performance of the "hit" single "Sophia".  Unfortunately I have to apologize that this review is only based on the "promotional" copy I received with "clips" of 10 of the 14 tracks. However, because I have at least that and have listened to the disc several times to form an opinion, I can't get myself to go out and lay down the money for whatever I'm missing on this promo. Would I have purchased the album based on listening to clips if I didn't have this promo? Most likely... but I have a very large collection and music is my passion.

With all of that aside, the cover art looks cool, though I couldn't tell you about the booklet, and packaging.  Though if you're jsut into the music, you could probably just download them for a about a buck each and have the music, then the art and packaging doesn't matter anyways, since that unfortunately seems to be the way of the future. Though I'm the kind of person that likes to have the full package in my hands, but I'll get into that more in another review later.

I think I've listened to, and reviewed so many albums from this band that I'm really not sure what more I could say.  Their music has progressed into an electronic realm and overall style that you could pick up any work from Tears or Wishfire and you have the same basic overall song and album structure.  A little bit of violin, lots of synths and programmed drums with Rogue belting out the lyrics in anthemic style.  What I really enjoy about The Crüxshadows is their lyrical content.  With as much emphasis that I put on lyrical content, I think they do a great job in the area.  Each piece is meaningful and uplifting, delving into so many topics that are interesting and fun, including fantasy, love, social issues and more.

This brings us to the bottom line for this album.  I really enjoy the single "Sophia" and I think the band managed to make this piece interesting enough to stand out from the rest of the album despite the same style and overall structure.  Other tracks reflect this in the foundational structure with the "electro" basics.  But I feel myself just drifting on through the album if I'm not paying particular attention, not knowing which track I'm really listening to as they all end up blending together.  So I think if you're a big fan of the band or just want to jump into some goth-influenced electro, then definitely pick up the album, otherwise you'll really need to hear the clips for yourself to decide, but if you're looking for anything innovative from this band and you have their previous stuff, you may enjoy more of the same.

Rating: 3/5

Fortress in Flames - Review

It has been nine months since the release of the latest popular full-length album Ethernaut.  Now they are at it again, throwing out some more teaser exclusive tracks on a remix album to give a little something more to the fans. This one includes three new exclusive tracks that continue on in building the powerful ballad-like anthems formed by synthpop/EBM music.  In addition to these three tracks there appear eleven remixes by several prominent artists from around the world and from many different sub-genres in the gothic, industrial and related music.

The new tracks all build on the same musical styles and approach that were present in Ethernaut with "Dragonfly" probably being the most prominent moving of the three.  Similar to "Cassandra" and "Citadel", this anthem employs pounding beats and layered synths as the backdrop to Rogue's vocals.  "Edge of the World" carries on in much the same way with a little edgier sound to it.  "Fortress (Eyes To Heaven)" breaks down into a slow, down-tempo track still full of many layers, various electronic elements and dynamic symphonic sounds.

The remixes on the album are all very well done, remaining true in many ways to the original yet building or changing the core musical elements to match the remixer's own technique and style.  A great example of how a band can do this is with the stellar remix of "Winterborn" by the talented medieval band Subway to Sally.  They bring out traditional instruments to form the backdrop for the powerful vocals to create something quite incredible.  The track to kick off the remixes is a great tribute to the talents of Clan of Xymox with their mix of "Citadel".  Iris contribute their talents with another remix of "Citadel", which seems to be the popular track on this album.  A great diverse mix is presented by Ego Likeness of "Cassandra" where Donna even provides additional vocals for a nice touch.

While the remixes are well done with few exceptions, the repetition of so many of the same songs can get tiring like some singles.  But this is a good way to present the alternate mixes in a nice album rather than several short singles.  So overall it becomes a nice blend of mixes, new material and something great for fans to get a hold of.

Rating: 3.5/5

Telemetry of a Fallen Angel - Review

Introducing the disc that seems to have become the prominent and most defining album for this group over the last decade. It has been 10 years since it was first released.  The original was released on three different labels and has been reprinted several times and has continued to be sell well over the years.

I think the reason behind such success for this album is the solid gothic sound presented throughout the entire album, yet it is diverse enough to please fans of other related genres.  Possibly two of the most popular tracks ever by this group appear on this album in the form of "Monsters" and "Marilyn, My Bitterness".  Both of these and their later versions (version 2.0) have become club classics.  I know as a DJ I constantly put at least one of these on nearly on a weekly basis for the past several years.  Each bring out several aspects of great danceable goth-oriented music in the pounding beats, solid bass and fun lyrics that the black-clad fans relate to.

The rest of the album is nice with each song telling it's part of the entire story.  The deep bass moves along creating an incredible catchy rhythm and pattern.  The great intermission pieces provide a nice break and variety making it so the entire album is more enjoyable as a whole and to be listened to in it's entirety.

With this special anniversary release, many people will get their first taste of the 2.0 version of "Marilyn, My Bitterness" with the "radio edit" which is a bit shorter than the original, but still with plenty of layered synths and pounding beats.

This is definitely one of the greatest albums by this group to be released and will probably continue to remain strong.  If you missed it the first time around, now is your chance to pick it up.

Rating: 4/5

Ethernaut - Review

Keeping busy with a constantly full tour schedule and writing new music, this new full-length album marks another step in the career of The Cruxshadows.  This album was the most pre-ordered CD ever at Isotank, which I think says that fans have really been anticipating this release.  And I think the die-hard fanbase is growing with each of these dynamic albums produced.

For me, personally I was looking forward to something new from this group.  As a DJ it seems that the overly requested songs by this group are really starting to wear on me, and so I tend to long for new material.  With this release I was given something interesting and new to enjoy, along with some very typical music that maybe is still enjoyable, but not novel in any way.
First I'll touch on the highlights and then leave the rest for later.  Starting the album off is a nice introduction "Into the Ether" with interesting samples and effects that morph and fade with Rogue's vocals dominating.  "Cassandra" is definitely the highlight of this album for me.  It's something new and interesting, beautiful in many ways, harsh in other ways and experimental, drifting into realms this band hasn't really explored yet.  Distorted vocals and percussion is present adding a bit of an edge to this song, but the beautifully mixed samples of female vocals and violin are really dreamy and mesmerizing.  I think this mix along with the steady and well-refined sound we've grown to enjoy really make this a stellar track.  And finally, if anyone picked up the Frozen Embers EP, the solid track "Winter Born (This Sacrifice)" should stand out as something recognizable and for me another solid addition to this album.  The dark synthpop/darkwave sound is steady with prominent synths and Rogue's ever-present vocals.  All of these things combine to make this a definite highlight and a good reason this was released as the first "single" for this album.

Besides these stellar tracks, there are other bits and pieces that stand out as enjoyable, but nothing quite as captivating.  Some of the more down-tempo tracks make up some of these, but overall it seems the rest of the album is "grasping" somewhat for direction.  A few sound almost identical to previous tracks, such as "Citadel" which I even started singing "Dancefloor Metaphor" to.

Overall however, I must say that this group continues building on their solid foundation.  While they add plenty of guitars to many tracks, the overall Synthpop/EBM beats dominate most of the tracks, so they drift away more and more from the gothic roots.  Some people may enjoy this more, while earlier fans may not.  I think die-hard fans will love this album as much as the other latest releases and I'm sure that others that are just discovering this band and that enjoy the solid darker synthpop sound will enjoy this release as well.

Rating: 3.5/5

Label: Dancing Ferret Discs

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