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Deep Red was originally formed in the mid-90's by DC Astro, Martha Arce and Mario Soto.  1996 was the year that the band really launched their career by being signed by the legendary industrial band Project Pitchfork to their Candyland Entertainment label for the release of their debut album The Awakening.  Their excellent tracks "Holy You" and "Red" were heard around the world at clubs and at the time through a strong presence on mp3.com.  The band would stay busy writing new music for their sophomore release DarkwaterS on the band's newly formed label Osiris Soundworks in 1999.  Again the band would be featured on compilations and would have many live appearances before their third release Chimera which featured the excellent track "Moments" with multimedia content including the video of the same.  The band would go through some personnel changes as Aradia comes on board replacing Martha as vocalist.  And finally after a very long wait we have their fourth album Relics of Desire released in 2007.

This band has had a lot of experience and a lot to offer the goth/industrial music scene.  Their style is an excellent electro-goth crossover including all of the great genres from ethereal, gothic rock and some EBM and industrial atmospheres.  The lyrics cover the range from love, loss and everything in between.  With Martha, and now Aradia contributing most of the vocals, it's a heavenly siren-like atmosphere accented occasionally by the male vocal contributions.

Deep Red has been in the pages of Gothic Paradise since the very beginning and their release of DarkwaterS.  Listeners should be very familiar with their music since they have had plenty of music to present over the years.  So let's continue to enjoy their music with four great albums to choose from, be sure to tune in and listen.

Relics of Desire - Review

It has been a very long wait, but we finally have the fourth album from this group after their slight reformation. This is the first album with Aradia on lead vocals and I have to say that she does a very great job bring her excellent voice to the band while maintaining much of that same style that we've grown to love from Deep Red over the years.  The album is released in a simple, but beautiful digipack containing eleven excellent tracks, including newly recorded versions of two of their classic hits "Red" and "Holy You".

Kicking off the album is the powerful mid-tempo, yet dance-friendly ballad "Coldness, Burning" which features a combination of male and female vocals.  This blend is something new and powerful that fans should really enjoy on this track.  This dark and brooding mood permeates many tracks on this disc for an excellent gothic style in the vein of all the great gothic classic novels and love stories.  This is portrayed in the way the track list is displayed on the disc in the form of a letter to "Incubus, My Love" and signed "Missing You Eternally - Deep Red".  Maybe a little cheesy, but it portrays the mood of the album well.  "Love Decays" is another piece in a line of moving ballads that remain dance-friendly, but very moody and beautiful with Aradia's sweet vocals.  However, not many tracks bring out this brooding style like the title track with it's dark, pulsating synths and angst-ridden male vocals.

For fans of the harder-hitting tracks, there are plenty of these on this disc, starting with "Burning" with it's driving percussion and pulsating layers.  The moody, yet up-beat piece "Incubus, My Love" is a fast-paced driving piece with the lyrics portraying something of a longing for love or something else in a vampiric world.  A favorite driving piece on this disc is "Blood Gets In My Eyes".  After a long intro of driving percussion, it builds and builds to include Aradia's strong and soothing vocals.  While this may be the climax of the album, there is still plenty of great material left on the album.

After the beautiful instrumental piece "Dark Domain", the album wraps up with two great tracks from their first album, re-recorded with Aradia on vocals.  Other than that the piece are pretty much the same great tracks that we've grown to enjoy over the years.  This is a great disc and I'm very pleased with the continued solid direction of the band and with the addition of Aradia as the new vocalist.  Be sure to check them out!

Rating 4.5/5

Chimera - Review

While it has only been two years since the release of DarkwaterS, this is still a very highly anticipated album by fans worldwide. As with any new release unless the artist comes out and lets us all know exactly what to expect, it's always fun to speculate what will be new or different on a new album. Deep Red manages to stick with their roots with the electro-goth style they've established, yet add more driving elements and other small variations that have enhanced their sound even more.

The intro track "The Etruscan Kills Again" starts off with that trademark synth-laiden sound and picks up immediately with the title track "Chimera". This song portrays that driving element spoken of earlier. A very dance-friendly element combined with Martha's smooth vocals that bring it together quite well. However, my favorite part of this album is definitely the powerful and emotional song "Moments". The tempo matches perfectly with Martha's emotional and almost soothing vocals. Definitely a highlight for this album.

The goodies don't stop with the third track as the great music goes on. We're treated with Mario's vocals on various tracks including "Starless" and the up-tempo, almost harsh track "Living In Black". The distorted vocals mixed with the pounding beats and powerful synths in this song are another new aspect to this album. And we certainly can't forget the ballads that fans have grown to love. On this album we're treated with "Sin to Sin" to carry on this tradition of the more melancholic and slower styles. Also on this album is "Chimera II", a slower, instrumental work. And the final track "Glimpses" features Mario again on this mid-tempo ballad. So there you have it, the majority of the tracks being driving, club-friendly tracks and also featuring the ballads and the power and emotion that we've grown to love.

DC Astro has been able to put together some excellent music, combined with Martha and Mario's vocals and various talents (drums, lyrics, keyboards and guitars), they've managed to pull off another masterpiece in musical art. I personally think it's an improvement over previous works and look forward to more. The CD also includes a really good video of "Moments" and other little goodies including a band bio and pictures. The artwork, extras and the core music on this CD make it all very enjoyable.

Rating: 4/5

DarkwaterS - Review

Well, I finally got my hands on a copy of Deep Red's latest album, DarkwaterS. Like their first album , I was not dissapointed. Starting off the CD is "Don't Look Now", with that hard hitting synth sound that just yells "get up and dance !". Martha's vocals carry this track to a new extreme that blends perfectly with with the powerful music that just moves me. A definite club hit with this track!. "Spirits Of The Past" is the next track which starts out with the low, smooth synths that gradually gives way to the percussion. The tempo is a lot slower, quite soft, with an exellent blend of instruments and harmonies. With pleading lyrics to the "Spirits of the Past", this song really has a lot of emotion and feelings in it.

"Darkwaters" is one of the highlights on this album. Not really a club track in my opinion, because of the slow tempo, but still an exellent track to be heard on any radio show. I can't really put my finger on what it is that attracts me to this song so much, it has an exellent non- intruding beat, an exellent blend of synths and Martha's beautiful vocals. It could be any one of things or maybe all of them blended so well together. Picking up the pace again is "Blind Rage" with a fast beat and intense blends of different synth loops and solos. I really like the bass loops on this song, along with the soothing vocals on top of it all. Changing the mood and tone quite a bit is "Symptoms". Starting off very dark, slow and brooding, the really good bass makes me swoon when I hear it. Then the higher synths come in and and add a lot of body to the song. Throughout the song there are quite a few different experimental aspects, different drum rhythms, different instruments and an exellent build of vocals trough the chorus.

The intro to "Slowslidings" is probably the best part of this song. You can feel the anticipation build as the intro plays out building out to an exellent dance track. This track is quite a bit different from the others in that Martha's vocals seems almost muffled or distorted. Quite a nice twist in my opinion. "Thoughts Of Darkness" again has a nice intro, but short, that almost immediatly gives way to a nice danceable beat. I'm not a big fan of the synth loop that kicks in, it almost seems intruding, but not every song can be perfect. However, that loop only continues for a few seconds through different parts of the song. The rest of the song is dominated by Martha's smooth vocals, exept for the chorus where that synth kicks in and her vocals build to a nice crescendo. "Blood and Roses" is another in a series of danceable club tracks. Starting inmediately with a strong beat and pulsating synthesizers, and then giving way to the nice, smooth female vocals.

"The Descent" starts what I like to think of a trilogy of dark, slowly paced songs that make up the finale of this disc. This is basically an instrumental intro to the next track. "Breath in the Mirror" uses exellent percussion, reminiscent of something you may find on a Dead Can Dance song. However, because Deep Red has their own unique style of blending their synths and vocals in such a way, it ends up not sounding like anything at all from Dead Can Dance. Finally, in my opinion, the grand finale to this wonderful CD is a cover of Ultravox's "Vienna". With the only male vocals on the CD, I hope to hear more of this in the future. A very unique, but at the same time, quite accurate cover of this exellent song. Great job from this exellent group!


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