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The Dreamside was formed in 1994 by Kemi Vita when she released the first work Pale Blue Lights on Nuclear Blast Records.  Soon after this first work she was joined by guitarist Fried Bruggink and they embarked on what has become a growing and successful musical career.  Currently, the lineup includes Kemi Vita (vocals), Cees Viset (Lead Guitar), Fried Bruggink (E-Bow guitar, lead guitar), Roman Schonsee (bass guitar) and Sebastian Brauchle (drums).  Over their 13-year history, they've managed to release 4 albums in Europe on various labels and then they launched their music on the N. American continent with the compilation CD titled Faery Child on Dancing Ferret Discs.  This was followed by the Spin Moon Magic/Somewhere Before single on the Vier Factor 4 compilation and later the next single Open Your Eyes.  Over several years they put together another awesome full-length album full of dynamic gothic rock sounds titled Spin Moon Magic.

Their style can best be described as female-fronted, mystical Goth rock with touches of Celtic, Metal and Medieval influences.  Their sound is quite diverse featuring some tracks more on the ethereal side, others more on the dancey side and some featuring pop elements reminiscent of The Cranberries.  With this diversity of influences, I think their music can cater to a very wide audience and is just plain enjoyable!

Selected tracks are included on all of the Gothic Paradise radio shows.  Be sure to check them out along with reviews here and upcoming information as it is available.

The 13th Chapter - Review

To celebrate their 13 years of creating excellent music, we're presented with this special anniversary album. On this disc we have 13 excellent tracks, most of which are remixes of previously released works, but in addition to these remixes we also have a few exclusive pieces to this album. Also, in addition to the 13 audio tracks there is an added bonus live video clip of "Forsaken" which seems to be the highlight track to the album with several remixes as well.

First of all we'll start off with the remixes as this seems to be the main focus of the album, and as previously stated, "Forsaken" seems to be at the center of it all. As far as remixes go, we have some really great ones here, and some not so great. Personnally, by the time I finish listening to this album each time, I actually long for the original version of "Forsaken" and could go several months without hearing another remix of it. However, as far as they go I have to commend the "Vigilante Remix" for the excellent work done on this track, which on it's own is a stellar piece. The mix of electronics and metal guitar is done very well and stays true to the original emotional driving force while adding a unique style to it. Other commendable remixes include the "Angels and Agony Remix" of "Die Hoffnung" which fits well with it's already driving electro-pop style. The grooves of the "Hungry Lucy Remix" of "Into A Frenzy" is also excellent and well done capturing the mood well while adding some nice electronic grooves, something you might not expect from the otherwise downtempo style of Hungry Lucy. While there are other well-done remixes, the most unique and innovative remix has to go to the electro-clash style of the "Moog Bass" remix of "Forsaken" by Aaron Jasinski. I think the "Moog Bass" name really says it all, but this is very interesting with the all-out analog electronic assault on this remix.

As we get past the half-way mark we finally get to the new material with "Above Below Around". This piece may have been released previously, though I couldn't find a reference to it anywhere else. I think this is another perfect track which reflects the diverse and solid style of this band. A sort of moving piece with various electronics which makes it club friendly for the dance-floor, yet the subtle violin and angelic vocals make it accessible to those fans of heavenly ethereal voices. The next piece that is unique to this album is simply titled "Treasures" featuring 18Summers and a mix of male and female vocals. This is another piece that while it moves along fairly well with a good tempo and beat, falls more into the ethereal goth realm for a real treat for fans of this beautiful style of music. For those that didn't catch "In Longing" on a previously released compilation from Dancing Ferret Discs this will be another exclusive track and which has quickly become a favorite of mine as well as listeners to Gothic Paradise radio. Now this really sports the awesome power of the gothic rock mix with a touch of metal while Kemi's vocals soar like sirens' voices across the soundwaves. This brings us to the finale of the album and another exclusive piece in the form of "Sticks and Stones". Once again this band shows us what they're made of by picking up the intensity to kick off this track, yet backing off through each verse. Maybe the lyrical portion of this piece is lacking slightly, it's well made up for with the powerful and excellent music that is memorable and leaves and impression.

There you have it! Yet another masterpiece from this band, not as disappointing as other remix albums have been and with the inclusion of enough unique tracks, this is a real treat and nearly as good as a new album, or at least an intermediate EP to wet the appetite of fans and keep us all asking for more!

Rating: 4/5

Pale Blue Lights / Nuda Veritas - Review

We're taken back in time for the reissue of this album and single from the early days of the band. Previously these were only available on import and have pretty much been unavailable for quite some time, so it's a nice treat for Dancing Ferret to go back and reissue them both for the N. American audience.  Combined, we have a dozen tracks that fans are going to love.

After the initial fast-paced track "Divina", we're immediately thrown into the original, somewhat ethereal sound of this band that seemed to be more of the dominating style during these earlier years.  I think it's definitely this style and Kemi's beautiful vocals that got the attention of "Heavenly Voices" fans early on.  However, we can also see how the sound has developed over the years comparing this to the more recent release with plenty of goth rock and metal touches in them, while this debut doesn't explore the rougher edges too much besides "Divina" and "Goddesses".  Also evident by listening to this album as well as their most recent works, you can tell that they love the goth rock and ethereal genres and remain true to their roots, while exploring powerful rock influences that fans love.

Of course anyone that managed to pick up Faery Child will already be familiar with "The Divine", "Goddesses", "The Dreamside" and "Nuda Veritas".  While I wasn't a huge fan of the remix of "The Divine", I quite enjoy the original track "Divina" which started off the album.  Of course the ethereal pieces "Luis", "Slow" and "Carpe Diem" are excellent selections that fans of this style will love.  We sort of dive into a bit of slow, grinding, harsh rock in "Women's Chant", but we're quickly brought full circle through the powerful dance-friendly piece "Goddesses" and then on again to the soft sounds of "The Dreamside".

As a reissue, it's a great treat for fans, a little disappointing that we didnt' get any exclusive tracks, though the addition of the single Nuda Veritas is a nice touch.  We'll just have to look forward to more great work from this band.

Rating: 4/5

Spin Moon Magic - Review

I have been looking forward to a new album from this band for a very long time now. It was great to have Faery Child released to introduce this band to the N. American audience, but now I feel like we have a real official release to cut our teeth on.  And this album is cutting edge to be certain.  It's dynamic, bombastic, beautiful, ethereal and dreamy all at once as only The Dreamside can do.

With several years spent writing the music on this album, many people will already be familiar with several tracks previously released on compilations and singles such as the title track of "Spin Moon Magic", "Somewhere Before" and most recently from the single "Open Your Eyes" which features Rogue from The Cruxshadows.  They came up with a total of twelve original tracks, an extra bonus dance remix of "Die Hoffnung" which I'm not even sure where the original track appears.  Also on the disc is a special treat in the form of the quite cool video of "Open Your Eyes" which many people may have seen the "making of" this video on the single released earlier this year.

The album kicks off with the awesome bombastic powerful gothic rock we've grown to love from past hits "Mirror Moon" and "Fear of being alone".  Like the title states "Into a frenzy" is a literal mixture and frenzy of driving beats, grinding guitars and Kemi's awesome vocals.  The album drives on, pounding, swaying, lifting the listener up through hard moving guitars and synths and dropping off again leaving the listener breathless, bracing for the next in-your-face attack.

As we move on through "The Feast is Set" we discover another harsh side to Kemi with some slightly distorted vocals adding a bit more of an edge.  With a voice like hers, it almost seems a sin to distort it and it sets my teeth on edge.  But if you can get through these moments, it's just pure ecstacy throughout the rest of the album.  It seems the band leans a lot more towards the harder-driving styles than in the past where there has been an emphasis on the lighter ethereal music.  While each song has it's moment of ethereal bliss, it's really only in a couple of tracks that fans of this lighter side will get their fix.  There's the obvious "Somewhere Before" and the sweet interlude "Song of the Sirens" that bring the calm to the terbulance of this album.

As it moves on there are several tracks that really stand out as favorites for gothic rock fans.  "Spin Moon Magic" with the awesome goth metal elements, "Dreaming all of You" sports an ethereal rock style, "Slay Your Dragons" wraps up the theme and original tracks of the album and "Die Hoffnung" is the finale with the dance-friendly beats and german vocals.

Overall this is nearly everything that we could have hoped for and more.  Be sure to pick this one up for a dozen great tracks, a nice video, and packaging with lyrics, artwork and more.

Rating: 4.5/5

Open Your Eyes - Review

It's been some time since we've had something new from this band.  Sure, we were presented with the Vier Factor 1 album which had the two tracks "Spin Moon Magic" and "Somewhere Before".  But that was released nearly two years ago, so this new single and upcoming album has been highly anticipated by fans worldwide.

The disc contains five tracks including the single and album version of the title track as well as two remixes by Blutengel and Lunascape the new stunning signee to Dancing Ferret.  The "extra" track is "Spin Moon Magic" which may or may not be new to listeners if you've picked up Vier Factor 1.  There's also a nice bonus multimedia track in the making of "Open Your Eyes" including 'behind the scenes' footage of making the video although there's no commentary, just video of making the video and the track playing over the top.

The single should prove to be a favorite for fans new and old alike.  It contains a lot of what has made this band popular among their fans.  Containing mystical lyrics, driving beats, grinding guitars, layered electronics and Kemi's powerful vocals.  Rogue from The Cruxshadows lends his vocals to this single which adds more dynamics to an already full track.  The single and album version are nearly identical such that the average listener will never tell the difference.  Both additional remixes stay true to the original style, while adding additional layers of electronics and various effects.  Lunascape tends to take the sound to an upbeat, more ethereal electronic piece while Blutengel adds their EBM and synth styles for a solid moving track.

"Spin Moon Magic" has been a favorite of mine from this band, so it's a nice treat to be included on this single for those that haven't already had the chance to hear it.  The grinding guitars and mystical elements are the overall foundation to the track while maintaining an upbeat atmosphere.

This is truly a splendid single that I can listen to quite a bit and even with the repetition of the title track, it's worth playing often.  DJ's, hard-core fans and club-goers should especially love this with it's remixes.

Rating: 4.5/5

Faery Child - Review

Before I picked up this CD I had only heard a few tracks from this group, the most prominent being "This Quest" which appeared on one of the Heavenly Voices compilations on the Hyperium label.  So even though I had an idea of the style presented, I was not prepared for such a powerfully dynamic and beautiful selection of music.

This album is a compilation which spans the group's 8-year history, including selections from each of their previously released albums as well as 2 unreleased tracks and a remix by The Cruxshadows.  The liner notes and track listing doesn't seem to quite match the actual track lineup, so forgive me if I name the wrong songs in my review.  My interpretation of the track list is listed below.

Each song on this album spans so many elements, with the mystical theme being the underlying roots to all the tracks.  Many of them are driving with various goth and metal elements and danceable beats like the first track "Goddesses" which starts it all off with such power and Kemi's beautiful vocals.  "Fear of... being" and "Wonders" are two of my favorite tracks in this style of hard-driving beats and guitars, coupled with powerful vocals and mysterious lyrics.

The "Heavenly Voices" element comes out so strong in the popular track "This Quest" beginning with sounds of quiet, yet bombastic percussion and cello with soft vocals that all builds to a pop-driven track.  Other beautiful selections along this style of "Heavenly Voices" include the sensual "Ce Soir" and beautiful "The Dreamside" which transport you away to a mystical and serene place in your mind.

This is an excellent compilation and a great way to introduce people to this wonderful band that's remained hidden to so much of the world over all of these years!  I give it a 4.5 out of 5 rating easily and anxiously await new material from this group.

Track Listing:
1. Goddesses
2. Faery Child
3. Get Away
4. This Quest
5. The Divine
6. The Dreamside
7. Nuda Veritas
8. Apaika
9. Mirror Moon
10. Ce Soir
11. Fear of... Being
12. Wonders
13. Faery Child (Cruxshadows remix)

USA Label: Dancing Ferret Discs - www.ferret.com

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