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This German duo consists of Alexx Wesselsky (lyrics/vocals) and Noel Pix (composition/keyboards, guitars, programming).  While this project was established in 2002 by this duo, their history actually goes back further to 1997 when they both worked on the debut release of their previous project Megaherz.  Now they are back together on a new project, breaking the ice with their hard-hitting sound that is sure to bridge the gaps between rock, alternative, goth and metal in many parts of the world.

As I've become more familiar with this band and their sound, the more I realize that comparisons made until now fall short.  I've heard some in the goth/industrial scene refer listeners to Rammstein, while I think this may be accurate in many ways, I think Eisbrecher doesn't enter the industrial genre as much, although they use solid electronics as a base for their music.  I would also draw a comparison to Unheilig with the deep vocals and the sound rooted more in gothic and metal guitars with layered electronics.  At any rate, they've managed to form their own unique solid sound that fans of many genres can enjoy.

The debut self-titled album released on ZYX Music in Europe and licensed by Dancing Ferret Discs for North American distribution was released in 2004 and includes the popular club track "Fanatica" with a club remix that has found it's way onto dancefloors around the world.  The band continued putting together more tracks for a couple of hard-hitting singles and their latest album released in 2006 under the title Antikorper.

Antikorper - Review

Because of the many singles this band has put out in addition to their debut album and now this release, it's actually hard to believe this is just their second full-length album. It now seems like this band are veterans in the scene in such a short time, but maybe part of that lends to their "pop" german industrial-rock sound that they bring to the scene, or due to the quick popularity of a couple of their tracks.  Whatever the case, most people in this scene should be somewhat familiar with the sound from this group and what is presented here on this album stays right in line with that hard-hitting goth/industrial/metal crossover style.

The disc starts off with an incredible instrumental introductory piece "Der Anfang" with symphonic style mixed with occasional electronic percussion which fades out and gives way to the powerful grinding sounds of "Adrenalin" which is appropriately named as it really gets the blood flowing with some dance-friendly beats and heavy guitars.  "Leider" has quickly become a favorite dance track of mine as I listen and stands out each time I listen to the album.  However, if it's hard and heavy that you like, then the slow and overpowering title track is what will blow you away.  But just when you think this album is just going to drive and grind away the minutes, we're presented with something a little more melodic, though still powerful, in "Entlassen" which features some female backing vox during each verse in between the powerful chorus.

A sure favorite of mine from this album is definitely "Ohne Dich" which feature a little less harshness, plenty of powerful elements in the beats and synths, but comes together really well with somewhat whispered vocals during each verse then building to a crescendo during the chorus.  This is the style that Unheilig fans will really enjoy from this group as they remain similar but manage to still be a unique and somewhat beautiful piece.  After this piece the album drives on in much the same harsh manner through combining electronics with driving metal guitars on "Phosphor" and "Kein Mitleid" and letting up finally with "Kinder Der Nacht" which takes on a little more of a gothic flavor.  This brings us to another favorite piece "Vergissmeinnicht" which is a little heavier on the electronics that synth and electro-goth fans will enjoy a bit more.  Most readers and listeners will already be very familiar with this piece from the previously released single for this song.

The album wraps up with a few more pieces that are fairly typical and don't really stand out all that much, though fans will still enjoy them and should listen on through the end.  "Das Ende" wraps up the "regular" album, though the US edition and limited edition contain at least one extra track in "Eiskalt Erwischt" which is fast and heavy, and the limited edition also has a bonus video.  With that we wrap up the album and this review leaving it up to the reader to judge based on their own likes and dislikes.  Fans of the harder-edged goth-industrial-metal crossover sound in all german will enjoy this disc as much as other bands of similar styles.

Rating: 3.5/5

Leider / Vergissmeinnicht - Review

Continuing with their harsh german industrial rock music we're presented with this new release from this band.  This disc combines their two singles Leider and Vergissmeinnicht onto one disc making it more enjoyable to listen to as a whole and easier to have all this great music in place. In addition to the title tracks and their remixes, we also have a bonus track and some bonus multimedia material for a total of 7 audio tracks and the 2 multimedia extras.

As I listen to the disc from start to finish, the first three tracks are really the core and best part of this disc. These include the radio edits of the title tracks and the bonus piece "Wie Tief?".  "Leider" is a great club-friendly track starting off with a moving beat similar to the start of the club mix of "Fanatica" and then building with grinding guitar riffs into a harsh driving force.  "Vergissmeinicht" doesn't waste any time in building to this climax, but just starts out harsh and keeps going with added female operatic vocals for a nice touch.  "Wie Tief?" varies slightly from the other pieces by focusing more on the metal aspect of the music with heavy guitars grinding throughout.  Listening to this track brings out "wild" feelings and I wouldn't be surprised to see listeners "banging their heads" like old-school metal-heads.

Each remix has something to offer to the original for a slight variation and twist, most bringing more of an electro-industrial style to the forefront. The "Retrosic Mix" of "Leider" is a nice addition anchoring the track in solid electronics and heavy beat and bassline.  The "Vergissmeinnicht mix" of the same track loses a lot of it's heavy body and harsh aspects as this remix turns it into more of an electro-pop piece.  Then you have the "Noel Pix Klingenklang" mix of "Leider" which also strips this track down to bare electronics.  Both of these remixes turned out surprisingly well despite their shift in style, but at the same time, most remixes in the goth-related genres end up sounding more EBM, synthpop or industrial through the use of more electronic elements.  The final remix is the "Phase III Mix" of "Vergissmeinnicht" which starts off with some sweet piano loops and whispering vocals that give way once again to this synth-based stripped-down remix.

So there you have it in a few words.  I think the original tracks will be popular hits with the fans and the remixes aren't too far off, although they lose intensity by leaving out the powerful guitar riffs and progressively get more and more stripped down and more synthpop than harsh guitar-driven industrial.  So, like many releases, the quality is there with this disc and the rest is up to the individual listener's taste, but this should still appeal to a wide audience and fans should appreciate this work.

Rating: 3/5

Eisbrecher - Review

As a fan of the deep, bass vocals, the harsh German language and various styles of electronic rock, I almost immediately connected with this debut album from EisbrecherThe similarities to Unheilig, another of my favorite German groups, also brought out a desire to further connect and listen intently.  The result has been many enjoyable hours listening to this album.

I think that many people, no matter what native language is spoken, or favorite genre of music will connect in one way or another with this work.  Overall the album carries an alternative crossover with electronic and guitar-driven goth with a touch of metal for a slight edge on many tracks.  After the cold, march-like instrumental introduction with spoken word characteristics about the U.S. Coast Guard special ice cutter boat "Polar Star".  This builds up and provides the cold and raw emotions of much of the music to follow.

The lyrics and musical content span everything from love, hate, war and peace.  The music provides a solid canvas for the deep, bass vocals that belt out each powerful lyric in the harsh german tongue.  The three singles on this album "Fanatica", "Mein Blut" and the latest "Schwarze Witwe" have quickly become favorites of mine with their unique and varied elements.  "Mein Blut" starts off with smooth gregorian chants and breaks out into a sort of break-beat rhythm, solid electronics and slightly distorted vocals adding a nice edge to the sound.  "Fanatica" is a smooth dance-friendly song with sweet female backing vocals adding extra texture.  The "club mix" of this track is especially nice, adding a solid dance-beat to an already fantastic track with various layered electronics.  "Schwarze Witwe" adds a little sass as the story of a ruthless "Black Widow" is told again with female backing vocals and deep male vocals are cranked out over the solid electronic sounds and laid-back trip-hop beat.

Another favorite of mine is the title track "Eisbrecher" which really brings out the goth and metal elements for a harsh edge.  These highlighted tracks and the fact that there are 16 of these all along similar lines makes a great album.  The addition of the occasional instrumental provides some nice variety and a smooth, dreamy break from all of the harshness of the rest of the album.

Overall this is a nice album, that should span many genres and welcome fans from all over.

Rating: 3.5/5

North American Label: Dancing Ferret Discs
European Label: ZYX Music

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