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If you're a fan of the darker, more mysterious music in the Gothic and Darkwave genres, then more than likely you'll have heard of the label The Fossil Dungeon or some of the bands on this outstanding label.

It all began not too long ago when Michael Riddick put together a compilation dedicated to the old Dark Age Productions label, which included tracks from the original artists on this label.  After the success of this endeavor and with the idea in mind to be able to create music from these unique artists in a unique manner, this label was born.  The label does not function like a typical label with profits in mind (although I don't think many underground labels hope for much of a profit), but merely to help release the next album for the next artist that has the talent to do so.  I commend this outlook and the ability to do so by Michael and all involved.

The artists on this label so far are very impressive and many familiar with Gothic Paradise will recognize them through radio shows, reviews and other areas.  Many will recognize The Soil Bleeds Black from the many times they have been featured on the mp3.com radio show here with their Medieval music and others will recognize one of the latest artists featured here, Butterfly Messiah  with their range varying from Medeival and Darkwave to pounding EBM/Synthpop.  The current roster on this label also includes xArkanex, Dark Muse, Dawn Desiree and Hexentanz.

Be sure to listen to the radio shows and watch for more info coming on these and other new artists and releases from this label.

Website: www.fossildungeon.com

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