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Andy LaPlegua started the concept of Icon of Coil in 1997 which gradually evolved into what we now know as the trio of Andy, Sebastian Komor and Christian Lund.  Their first release Serenity Is The Devil came out in late 2000 and in just over three years their third album was released, titled Machines Are Us.  Also in this time they've signed to Out of Line for their latest release in Europe and Metropolis Records for their releases in the United States.  On top of the work required to put out these albums and get signed to two very well recognized labels, they've also done a number of festival appearances, European and North American tours and other gigs in between.  All of this requires an incredible amount of time and effort, and it's amazing that it has all been accomplished in such a short amount of time.

While building on the solid EBM sounds and styles similar to VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk, this group has also laid the groundwork for their own unique style.  In the three albums they've released, they've managed to achieve great rankings on the German Alternative (DAC) charts over the years.  With the popularity of the EBM sound, they've managed to ride the bandwagon to quick popularity in this scene.  The unique elements of occasional hip-hop or mid-tempo variations have also helped to keep them from just being a copy of other prominent groups in the scene.

Watch for more from this group, with so much accomplished in so little time, I'm sure we'll see more soon.  In the meantime, check out dance-friendly selections on the Gothic Paradise club radio shows.

Uploaded and Remixed - Review

A short time after the release of Machines Are Us, this remix album came out keeping up with many of the other bands in the industry that released their remix albums in 2004. Like many albums it includes a couple of exclusive tracks which is a nice treat for fans to add to their collection.  The other remixes are from songs from the first two albums Serenity Is The Devil and The Soul Is In The Software.

While remix albums come and go, some are fun, some are excellent and others are just better left alone.  I can't say that I was disappointed in this release, there are some great remixes, but when you already have an EBM / Electro-Pop band, remixes of the same style have to be pretty good to draw my attention.  So overall I think what's presented here is fairly average.

The driving dance beats are fairly consistent throughout most remixes.  The "Daedal Remix" of "Floorkiller" is full of break-beats and so it breaks the mold from all other tracks.  "Everything Is Real (Isle of Crows Remix)" has that hip-hop beat and feel to it of the original with a few more loops and beeps throughout on this mix.  So depending on your tastes, these will either be your favorites or your worst selections.  I lean towards the latter in my opinion.  For this band I like the driving dance-beats the most.

Apoptygma Berzerk, Funker Vogt and Implant all provide really nice dance-friendly remixes of "Repeat It", "Simulated" and "Love As Blood" respectively.  These have quickly become my favorites along with the "2004 version" of both "Shallow Nation" and "Floorkiller", both with remix credits given to Xenomorph.  The side projects from this group of Moonitor and Combichrist are also credited with a remix a piece, which I found interesting since the music of the projects are quite similar in style.  However, no matter what approach is taken, the remixes turned out well.

The two exclusive tracks were something of a disappointment to me.  Instead of solid stellar tracks, we're treated with techno-style loops and vocals with fairly shallow lyrics and vocals.  These two songs ended up being more of an annoyance than anything else.  Hopefully the next full-length will be better, going back to the style and quality of the first two albums.

Rating: 3/5

Machines Are Us - Review

Over the three-album release history for this group we've been presented some stellar dance works and some not-so-hot songs that seem to have been caught in between creative moments.  But, there's no doubt they have made an impression on the EBM music scene that is so popular in the underground club scene around the world.  This latest album continues on much in the tradition and styles that have been portrayed in the past.

As the name of the album implies, this work is entirely focused around mechanical and robotic elements, in the music, the lyrics and vocals.  The intro track sums it all up with robotic spoken word vocals "Comment V.2.0" states the title of the album as all humanity is removed.  Perhaps there is an underlying message in all of the lyrics aimed at our society and our love for machinery, or perhaps it's all just some kind of sci-fi imagery that's fun to do for the sake of making fun, danceable music.  I tend to lean more towards the latter, since as I listen to the lyrics, they are somewhat meaningless in many ways, but the music keeps it fun and enjoyable.

Kicking off this pounding album after the short robotic intro is "Remove/Replace" with it's driving beat and standard electronic elements we've grown to enjoy and expect from this group.  Each track pretty much builds on this, some giving out slightly in intensity while others become loud and almost over-bearing such as the solid and already popular track "Android" or the fun and anthem-like "Dead Enough For Life".  Each of these has a very moving rhythm and powerful beats that really drive it right into the being of each listener.

If you can have a little fun while listening to these dance tracks, then this album is one for you.  I enjoy some of these selections just for the fact that they make me feel like bouncing and moving to the catchy hooks.  The "bom, bom" vocals in "Consumer" are a good example of this.  When I first heard this track I almost broke out laughing as I could picture Any up on stage bouncing around singing "bom, bom, bom.." to the rhythm of the music.

Overall, it's a catchy album, especially in the music.  It really gets you moving and is fun to listen to.  But if you really listen to the lyrics, while it seems there was some thought put into the concept and flow of them all, many are comical and shallow, lacking the substance to really make them more memorable than fun.

Rating: 3.5/5

Website: www.iconofcoil.com
USA Label: Metropolis Records

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