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Deadline - Review

It has been a few years but we now have something new from this solo artist. Deadline Returning in late 2014 with his sophomore album we have ten new tracks spanning the genres of dark ambient to a hybrid style of dark and brooding electro-pop.

As I started listening to this album, I realized I need to adjust my expectations a bit as to what was being presented. The pulsating synths with moving beats caught me a bit by surprise though in some ways it was a nice change. It definitely brings out more diversity on the album as we still are treated with plenty of the dark ambient sound textures mixed with the brooding, heavy vocals. As we start to get into the album a bit we're treated with another new surprise with some melodic vocals mainly during the chorus of "Everything Fades Away" and "Falling Away". This is a nice touch and I think if there were more of that on this album, many more tracks would stand out to me and be a bit more accessible. The movign beats and driving synths appear on a few more tracks, including the moving piece "Winning" which appears later on in the album and occasionally on other tracks though in more subtle ways, mixing the dark ambient moods with the more dynamic electronic loops.

For those still wanting the darker moods and ambient pieces, we definitely have some highlights on the album. Each track is still thick with brooding angst and dark ambient sounds even on those with the up-tempo rhythms and moving synths you still get that ambient feel with the back-drop. It's not until the fourth track in that we really hit this in full force with the instrumental piece "Deep Blue Space". "Oblivion" also crawls along with dark and dreamy atmospheres mixed with the flickering, looped synths. As the album moves along we drift between these moods and styles until we finally close with "Alpha & Omega" which once again drifts between the ambient and looping electronics and synths with pulsating rhythms and subtle, moving beat.

Overall a pretty good album. You do have to be in the mood for the brooding nature of the vocals and music, but with the diversity it helps mix it up.

Rating: 3.5/5

The Last Hour - Review

This is the project of solo artist Roberto del Vecchio, better known probably for his past with the Cold Meat Industry band Gothica. The Last Hour This is the debut album under this solo project released in late 2008. The album comes beautifully packaged in a simple digipack and the disc contains ten dark and brooding tracks.

The album starts off with "Into Empty Depth" which was featured on the Cold Meat Industry sampler Flowers Made of Snow from 2004. This track sets the stage with the deep vocals layered over a mix of very dark and thick synths and subtle percussion. With the dark mood set, we delve even deeper with each track, making this album almost a dark ambient work, though with plenty of male ethereal elements, it makes it very accessible to a wider audience of gothic and ethereal fans. With titles like "Waiting for the Rain to Fall", "Death in Venice", "The Cold Embrace of the Universe", the reader can start to grasp the cold and haunting nature of this album as we wend our way through the suffocating depths of the dark and heavy music.

As a fan of the dark gothic and ethereal styles, the first couple of tracks stand out as favorites with their melodic approach over the thick layered synths. But as a classically trained pianist and fan of the various dark ambient sounds, so much of the rest of the album stands out and captures my attention. "Death in Venice" is a nice instrumental with haunting piano. Amidst other instrumentals, the vocal track originally from Joy Division "New Dawn Fades", stands out with it's slightly more moving electronic coldwave sound with the addition of grinding guitars mixed with the ever-present heavy synths. For fans of the previous project Gothica, we're presented with "Chanson D'Automne" which features AimaProject as guest female vocalist which is a real treat on this album.

It wraps up with more dark ambience with vocals on the last two tracks and a hidden track for a dark, haunting finale. Overall this is a great album for fans of his previous work and even more for fans of the darker ambient sounds with melodic vocals.

Rating: 3.5/5

Webpage: http://www.thelasthour.it

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