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img Lovespirals was formed at the end of the old millenium, featuring almost legendary, multi-talented Ryan Lum of Love Spirals Downwards fame. Combined with Anji Bee's musical talents and beautiful voice, they've managed to create a very different, downtempo pop sound compared to what you might expect. Their style reflects only vaguely Ryan's previous work with Love Spirals Downwards and takes on a more Jazzier tone with touches of Flamenco, Folk and other genres. I like to compare them to a mix of the later releases from Cranes and Julee Cruise, dreamy and experimental with Ethereal and Jazzy elements all mixed in, with later releases taking on much more of a pop and jazz feel.

This duo have kept busy over the years. Windlbown Kiss was just the start and now in 2012 they've been together for 14 years and have released four full-length albums as well as a number of EP's featuring a wide range and variety of musical styles with the remixes from ambient and downtempo to jazzy electronica. These works as well as their regular podcast The Chillcast have kept them busy over the years. For fans of the jazzier, electronica-based music, this band continues to impress and only the future will tell what they might bring.

Future Past - Review

It has been ten years since we reviewed Windlbown Kiss here on Gothic Paradise. img Though this latest album was released a couple of years ago at the time of this writing, it's good to go back and review it as we reintroduce this band to the pages of Gothic Paradise. It comes with eleven dreamy, downtempo pop pieces, exploring some diverse genres and hearkening back to the jazz sounds of years past.

As I've listened to this album over and over again to come up with a good description, one word keeps popping into my head and it's one I've overused with the description of this duo and that's "Jazzy". Though there is a lot at play here, the prominent instruments are definitely a jazz guitar and/or electric piano coupled with Anji's smooth vocals. The result is a very chilled out jazzy, downtempo pop sound. This is portrayed across all the smooth tracks starting with "Home" which comes out as a sentimental piece that any of us can relate to after being away from home for a while. The sultry, soft vocals take on deeper feeling across various pieces including the moodier tracks "Rain" and "One of Those Days".

As we get about halfway through the album, a vibrant electronica style comes out on "Love" which actually brings back feelings of the early styles from this duo as well as just a touch of ethereal that fans should really love. Another dreamy highlight comes a bit later with "Meanwhile, Irreplaceable Time Flees". This heavily ambient instrumental piece drifts along with some excellent guitar work keeping it grounded in the jazz style and dreamy moods. The regular tracks on the album wrap up with "Sinking" and "Believe" remaining on par with the rest of the album, as you listen to each track you can detect the common instruments and tempo which creates a homogenous style and mood that slowly drifts along with a soft groove. There are a couple of demos and a live piece as bonus material that die-hard fans will enjoy and with that it comes to a close.

There you have it, overall the band has really rooted themselves in a solid jazz-infused chillout pop style. We've seen the music transform slightly over the years as they've grown and explored their own styles and tastes. One thing seems sure, they seem to really be enjoying themselves over the years and with their music and that is the one thing I can highly recommend to any artist.
Rating: 4/5

Windblown Kiss - Review

I've been waiting for this release for a long time and it's been well worth the wait. I, like other fans of Love Spirals Downwards wasn't sure of what to expect with this release. img I had heard a little bit about it and had a listen of "Dejame" early on before the release. Also being a fan of Julee Cruise and hearing that similarity, I knew I was going to enjoy this album.

Combining so many instruments, different guitars, various styles including Flamenco, Jazz and a bit of Ethereal, everything comes together almost perfectly. The beginning track "Oh so long" really sets the somewhat melancholic yet jazzy mood for the album. The follow-up track "Dejame" is my favorite from this work of art. The Spanish lyrics are pensive and Anji's vocals are beautiful and thought-provoking. There are some upbeat tracks that have an overall happy mood to them such as "He Calls Me". "Windblown Kiss" is probably the track that can most closely be compared to the more Gothic Ethereal style with the acoustic elements and the overall dreamy feeling you get while listening to it, another favorite of mine.

Some other great points about this album are the additions of saxophone by Doron Orenstein. Also, the addition of male vocals by Sean Bowley on several tracks. There are other contributions by these artists and others with the entire production, including mastering by Robert Rich. Such a combination of musical styles and instruments along with the talents of this duo is just outright innovative and enjoyable. I think a wide audience will really enjoy this album. I give it a nice rating, not quite perfect more for my own tastes than for any flaws in the music.

Rating: 4.5/5

Webpage: http://www.lovespirals.com

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