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Formed from very humble beginnings back in 1994 by Dave Heckman, Metropolis Records has grown to become one of the largest indie labels releasing some of the best artists in the goth/industrial/electro genres.  Dave's vision came from his small record store in Pennsylvania that grew to a mailorder company and later realized that he could release the great import music for cheaper as a label.  The label was formed and the rest is history.

The first album released in 1994 became one of my favorites over the years in the gothic ethereal genre.  Love Is Colder Than Death released Teignmouth through this label and went on to release two more albums while the band was together.  Other very popular artists that have joined the Metropolis roster include Front 242, VNV Nation, Clan of Xymox, Front Line Assembly, Project Pitchfork and most recently including Diary of Dreams, Covenant, Sophya and Ravenous.

These are now all pretty big names in the underground music scene.  One of the best things I like about the Metropolis label is that they cater to the many sides of the underground scene.  Including some of the most obscure gothic ethereal, some of the greatest gothic rock and many of the very club-friendly ebm, synthpop and industrial artists.

Watch this space for tidbits of news and upcoming reviews of the latest compilations this label releases.  You can also check out reviews of shows and cds released by many artists from this label on Gothic Paradise.  And as always, many of the artists are featured on the various Gothic Paradise radio shows.

Critical Mass: Volume 2 - Review
This is the second budget sampler released by Metroplis.  It features an excellent variety of some of the latest releases on the label.  It makes for a great introduction to the new music being released without needing to go out and buy every album.  From the sampler, you can pick out what you like and buy something from that artist.  Each selection is an excellent representation of what the artists typically release.

All the tracks surprisingly come together very well.  Sometimes certain selections from different artists don't always do that and sometimes they aren't a good representation of what the artist typically releases.  This has been disappointing to me in the past, where I've purchased a compilation, liked a song and then bought the album and was disappointed.  That really isn't the case with this compilation.

Beginning the compilation is Das Ich with "Der Schrei (laboratory x mix)" from their Relaborat album.  This hard-hitting dancefloor song is a great start for this album.  The excellent beat keeps pounding with Suicide Commando and their track "Comatose Delusion".  Other excellent selections and highlights for me included one of my favorite tracks from Daimonion with "We Are One".  Funker Vogt appears with their "Under Deck" along with Informatik and the excellent song "Oblivion".  All of these tracks are excellent for the club and great for fans of Industrial and EBM music.  Even including a treat for the synthpop fan with Wolfsheim's "Read the lines" and Mesh with "It scares me".

Here is a complete track listing:

1. Das Ich - Der Schrei (Laboratory X Mix)
2. Suicide Commando - Comatose Delusion (Velvet Acid Christ Mix)
3. Project Pitchfork - We Are One (Mirror Split Up Into Pieces)
4. Die Form - Radiomorphism
5. Funker Vogt - Under Deck (Beborn Beton Mix)
6. Velvet Acid Christ - Asphixia (Wasted)
7. Juno Reactor - Nitrogen Part 2
8. Haujobb - Subsonic
9. Informatik - Oblivion
10. Icon of Coil - Formerself
11. Fictional - Blue Lights
12. Wolfsheim - Read the Lines
13. Mesh - It Scares Me

Website: www.metropolis-records.com
Mailorder: www.industrial-music.com

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