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Playing the best Goth/Industrial and Ethereal/Ambient music on the web
Choose your method of listening below, you can listen here directly or jump over to the Radionomy page or choose from any number of mobile app options. Our radio show is listed on the SHOUTcast directory, so any app or website you use that uses the SHOUTcast servers has our show available. Simply search for Gothic Paradise. If you get sick of the ads that run and are able to, simply stop the station and restart and you'll just get one of our filler tracks instead. Unfortunately our provider doesn't offer any sort of premium service to avoid playing the ads.
Gothic Paradise Radio- This is a radio station of excellent gothic, industrial, ebm, synthpop, ethereal, dark wave and shoegaze music. Presenting the best of the new and some of the classics.  The music plays non-stop 24/7 with an excellent variety and selection and playlists.  Please send me any comments you may have about the station, anything you would like to hear or things I can improve.

Gothic Paradise Radio Top 10
21 May 2017
  1. The Foreign Resort - She Is Lost - She Is Lost
  2. Mr. Kitty - Dream Diver (Feat Megurine Luca) - AI
  3. M.W.Wild - Marionettes - The Third Decade
  4. In Strict Confidence - Ask Your Soul - The Hardest Heart
  5. Jen Gloeckner - Ginger Ale - Vine
  6. Tashaki Miyaki - Out Of My Head - The Dream
  7. Principe Valiente - Strangers In The Night - Strangers In The Night
  8. Brotherhood - Damned - Damned
  9. Peter Bjärgo - You Let The Light Shine Through - Animus Retinentia
  10. Purple Fog Side - When I'm Gone - The Discord
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