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Secret Lie Hailing from Portugal, this band got their official start in 2012 under the direction of Teixeira Silva as composer and violinist with several other talented musicians joining him along with the beautiful vocals of Sara Madeira. Together they form this great band that have been going strong since their formation. They have played live and have had great success with their two albums and several singles from those albums across radio shows all around the world. Their debut album Behind the Truth was released in 2013 to great praise. Their sophomore album was released in 2015 and has also been well received.

The band's style is a sort of indie-rock with a touch of gothic crossover. The driving guitars, mix of violin, cello and other symphonic instruments backing Sara's angelic vocals give it just enough of that gothic touch to capture the attention of fans in these related genres with similarities to bands like Evanescence and Paramore we can get a glimpse of that sort of goth and rock crossover sound.

Pandora - Review

While I received this album and their debut album at the same time, it's great to have this follow-up work. Pandora Being able to listen to them both together for the first time it's nice to see the consistency that the band portrays while catching a glimpse of just a few areas where I think the band has matured overall. With eleven solid tracks on this album we have some great material spanning from the driving rock music to the soft and beautiful ballads.

Like the first album, the music from this band overall and from this album took a little bit to grow on me. The vocals are haunting and the subtle gothic touches were what really attracted me from the beginning. The indie and pop rock structures were the hurdles I had to get over. Once you do get over some of those hurdles, each of the tracks are uplifting with thought-provoking lyrics that when listened to provide some motivation and hope powered by the hard-hitting beats and solid guitar riffs. Across some tracks the soft and beautiful violin and piano soften the mood and create a heavenly masterpiece while on others it's the heavy hitting percussion and grinding guitars that provide the lift and power to these tracks.

This album is fairly cohesive and while it is diverse, most tracks flow well together and not many really stand out as "hits" among what most readers and listeners here might enjoy. Some personal favorites include the soft ballad "Black Butterflies". This piece is a downtempo selection with excellent piano and violin creating the soft and somber, yet dynamic backdrop to the powerful and beautiful vocals that carry the lyrics to the listener's heart and soul. As we drift along throughout the album from one dynamic piece to the next, a nice bonus is that you don't really hear a ton of the same song structures from piece to piece. As the album winds down we're presented with one of these dynamic pieces that stands out as a favorite from this album. Portraying those happy and uplifting lyrics presented with Sara's powerful vocals, this piece is great in it's dynamics as the heavy guitars kick in on each chorus and throughout much of the song to put a powerful exclamation point on the music. The album winds down with "His Star", a nice acoustic downtempo piece, a bit like you would expect for a final ballad from a band like this. We get a nice little hidden bonus track as well if you keep listening to this track presented as an acoustic version of "Trying to Reach".

There you go, a pretty good album from this band. As they've matured they have reached into a bit more of the pop rock sound probably reaching more fans that way, but maybe not as accessible to those that enjoy a bit more of the gothic touch. Though there are still some real gems here, if you favor or have an ear for this rock sound, you'll probably enjoy this album.

Rating: 3/5

Behind The Truth - Review

This is the debut album from this band originally released in 2013 yet we're happy to review it and present it here for our listeners to enjoy. Behind the Truth For us this is great new music and a nice addition to our collection. As I was presented with both this and their sophomore album together, I was happy to be able to have this one as well as it leans a bit more on the gothic metal side. The emotions run deep on these tracks and with the darker song structures, they provide a great backdrop for the solid angelic vocals.

The album kicks off with "Beautiful Wild Rose", a hybrid mix of an ethereal ballad that gets thrown into a whirlwind of grinding guitars and bombastic percussion for a dynamic and roller-coaster ride of styles and emotions. There are a lot of great stand-out tracks on this album which have quickly become favorites. "Sweet Sadness" picks up next with some excellent violin providing a nice accented back-drop to the powerful lyrics and vocals. As the song moves along the intensity ebbs and grows gradually becoming a powerful onslaught of guitars and other instruments all coming together in a powerful climax. Following hot on the hills of this masterpiece is yet another in the form of "I Can Be Free". This driving piece has some definite pop touches to it, but they're arranged in such a way that it still has enough of those emotionally-charged touches to keep it grounded in the styles that listeners and readers here will still enjoy. This piece is definitely uplifting and will get the blood pumping, maybe filled with desires to go conquer demons, climb a mountain, achieve some otherwise unreachable goal, this music will get you there.

Across the album we're presented with some nice dynamic shifts in mood and tempo, especially with the inclusion of some nice ballad-like pieces, the first of which is "Sunrise Tomorrow". After a brief dive into the fast-paced "Purify" which makes the mistake of including some portuguese metal rap lyrics which is a big turn off for me, we're brought back down to the sweet ballad "Love Me Until The End Of Time". The symphonic touches on this piece create a beautiful tapestry for Sara to weave her siren-like vocals into. "Clarify" picks up next is a nice driving piece to get the blood pumping again featuring grinding guitars as the solid staple to this piece while we still get all the graceful elements of violin mixed with Sara's vocals to soften the edge and give it a human touch. As the album starts to come to a close we're presented with a soft, downtempo piece "My Blood" which moves slowly along with a lot of that classic rock ballad style deeply ingrained throughout.

After a final instrumental piece "One Fearless World" the album comes to a close and so does this review. So overall, if you can get past some of the pop rock elements, what we have left is some great emotionally charged music with just enough of the gothic metal touches to keep it grounded for listeners here to enjoy. Over time much of the music has really grown on me with this album and I've found many tracks mix well with a lot of what we already enjoy here on Gothic Paradise.

Rating: 4/5

Website: www.reverbnation.com/secretlie
Label: Espanta Espiritos

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