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[ Suicide Commando - X.20 (Best Of) ]
[ Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill ]
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In 1986, a new electronic project was born with the name of Suicide Commando.  Johan Van Roy is the mastermind behind this harsh industrial project and continues to carry on with what was started so many years ago.  With a biography full of experience playing live and releasing several albums, the journey continues on and the success continues to grow as the fame and recognition comes from all over the world.

With a humble beginning as so many artist start with, the first big show that brought the deserved attention was opening for Plastic Noise Experience.  After these humble beginnings he went on to play many more shows including the large European festivals in front of thousands of fans.  Apart from the many live performances, several albums, singles and special edition releases came out which quickly disappeared.  The music has set a standard in the Electronic Industrial music scene and many follow along the success of this band, which still has a bright future ahead.

With a legendary band like this, there are probably few who haven't heard of the harsh music or aren't familiar with the pounding beats and harsh vocals.  The intense lyrics and piercing synths carry the music throughout the entire frame of the listener as the body moves and wrythes to the powerful sounds.  For those that by some chance haven't heard of this band or caught some of their incredibly powerful music, just think of pounding beats mixed with pulsing electronics along the lines of similar artists Wumpscut and some of the more accessible and powerful Front 242.  You can catch some selections on Gothic Paradise radio.

X.20 (Best Of) - Review

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of his career, we have this album which contains something of a "best of" selection from his long career. On this album we're presented with no less than fifteen of these powerful industrial anthems that many rivetheads have been stomping around the dancefloors to for many years.  So many of these have become club classics that are still guaranteed to fill the floor.

Starting off with the a selection from the most recent full-length release in "Bind, Torture, Kill (Extended Version)".  The rest of the album and tracklist doesn't appear to be in any particular order, but rather almost random as we start off with this latest pounding hit and then jump into something of a classic piece "Save Me" which has been filling dance floors for years.  We're driven hard through some of the heaviest pieces available like "Face of Death", "Love Breeds Suicide", "One Nation Under God", "Desire", "Comatose Delusion" and more.

Since there is no new material here, this isn't the type of review where we introduce or describe anything new.  But rather, I think it's good to take a moment and describe the music of Suicide Commando and why this project stands out so much against the huge flood of bands that try to mimic this style.  While the music and lyrics are quite harsh, usually there is a meaningful message behind it all.  While the vocals are along the lines of someone that gargled gasoline, it's a popular vocal style in this genre, yet you can still understand many of the lyrics.  And overall, the music is powerful, there is variation so it doesn't all sound the same.  So, when you listen to this album which covers a large history from this project, you understand why there are so many bands that have been influenced by Suicide Commando.

Rating: 4.5/5

Bind, Torture, Kill - Review

If you thought that previous albums were harsh and aggressive, then you're in for a surprise with this piece as it gets even more "in your face" intense and angry. But as usual it is always with anticipation that we, as fans, look forward to each new release, and so it was with this disc.  As I continue to encourage artists to express themselves in ways that leave the listener better than before listening to the album, it is a bit discouraging finding the negative and hateful material expressed in a few tracks on this album.  I know most people in the scene won't care, but there are those that love this agressive, fun, thoughtful and harsh music with the thought-provoking lyrical content without the hate and explicatives.

We'll leave that behind for now and focus on the positive aspects of this disc, packed with eleven powerful pieces that are mostly unforgettable.  Several are destined to be club hits and fan favorites.  The album kicks off with the title piece "Bind, Torture, Kill" which stretches out with long introductory loops, samples repeating the title phrase and building to a stomping club piece where Van Roy's harsh industrial vocals kick in for the latter half of the track.  We quickly move into the next piece which brings to light very much the war-theme to the album with "Bleed For Us All" with more driving beats and pulsating synths to satiate the largest industrial appetite.  The beat drives on and we arrive at "Death March", continuing on with the overall theme and powerful style that permeates this album to the core.

The rest of the album still drives on, presenting some german language tracks "Menschenfresser" and "Massaker" adding an extra layer of harshness to each piece.  Just about every piece includes some kind of sample or other, further expressing the messages behind the music.  The popular piece "Godsend (Deceased Part II)" drives it all home and prepares us for the over-the-top piece "We Are the Sinners" and leading up to the finale instrumental "Rader" to wrap up the album.

This is another great industrial work if you can get passed some of the crass and hateful nature of it.  You'll need to check it out and judge for yourself.

Rating: 3.5/5

Axis of Evil - Review

With a band that has reached legendary status like Suicide Command, it's always with great anticipation that you wait for the latest album to be released.  So it was with this album that is packed with powerful music that really can physically move the listener.  With instructions to "Play at Maximum Volume" on the back cover of the CD case, you can imagine what's contained inside.  So I put this in my CD player and have to say after the first listen I knew this would be one of the best Industrial releases of the year.

"Cause of Death: Suicide" starts off this very thought-provoking onslaught of power and throbbing beats with the spoken word of "each year approximately one million people die from suicide".  This gradually builds to a powerful 150 bpm driving track asking the question "do you really want to die?".  The powerful electronics from this and the entire album pulsate through the listener's body adding force and recognition to each word and vocal, though muffled and distorted, yet still intelligible.  As each track fades and builds from one into the other, a new blitz of hammering sounds come at you from all sides as you careen from the slow and brooding "Consume Your Vengeance" to the powerful and moving "Face of Death", "The Reformation" and "Evildoer" which all fall under the highlights for this album.

The great thing about this album is the ability to listen to it in it's entirety and not have any tracks you have the urge to skip or get tired of.  While none really stand out as more catchy than the others either, some of my favorites have been named above because of their solid power and excellent mix of melodic synths with the pounding beats.  Of course each track may have it's political, social or religious stance as the case may be, but in all I found a fairly positive and thoughtful view on each one with each track capturing a certain emotion or feeling just right.  The way it pierces into your soul and conscience, making you think about the world we live in and how we can make it better.  That's the positive force that music is and how Van Roy is able to take this powerful force and express the voice of his soul.

With that said, this will definitely appeal to the hard-core rivetheads that love their music pounding, their synths pulsing and their vocals angry, muffled and distorted.

Rating: 4.5/5

Label: Metropolis Records

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