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Hailing from Buffalo, New York Tearwave was formed recently around 2005 or so, and signed with Projekt Records for the release of their self-titled debut album in April of 2007.  The band is composed of a talented quartet including Jenn on vocals, Doug on guitars and keyboards, Joe playing bass and John on drums and percussion.  Since the announcement of their signing to Projekt, shoegaze fans all over the world have been talking about them, listening to the pre-release tracks and with the release of their album there is already a ton of praise from fans, DJ's and press.

As a huge fan of the dreamy, shoegaze music myself I was extremely excited to go and listen to what they had to offer as soon as I heard about them.  For many fans of shoegazer music this talented quartet is a very welcome addition to the scene along with contemporaries like Autumn's Gray Solace and Mira who have been able to fill the shoes of other past excellent groups in this genre.  They combine Jenn's heavenly vocals with a moody, yet moving and even uplifting music in so many ways.  We hope that this band will continue to grace us with many more releases as this debut has surely provoked a longing for more from new fans.

Be sure to stop by the band's myspace page for updated news and information in the band's blogs and updated tracks which I'm sure they'll allow us to preview upcoming works.  Also included is a video that is excellent, provoking emotions and portraying the music in it's elegance and beauty.  As new albums are released, stop by here for updated reviews and information as well as always being able to hear the latest on the Gothic Paradise radio shows.

Different Shade Of Beauty - Review

Hot on the heels of the release of their self-titled debut album, we're presented with this excellent follow-up album packed with great music. It comes packaged in a nice jewel case box with a twelve-page booklet containin the lyrics for all 17 dreamy tracks along with some credits and info for those of us that love to have the package along with the music.

From the very beginning of this album we're bombarded with wave after wave of emotions of sadness, loneliness, love, loss and even sometimes a little bit of melancholy happiness (if that's possible). The music is always driving, really bringing on the sound effects on the various guitars and providing a surprisingly dynamic background for Jenn's haunting vocals. These vocals remain soft and lush throughout the album no matter how intense the music gets, providing a soft cushion for taking the edge off the music a bit. While they really stick to the recipe of great shoegazer music of starting off soft and then building, building and just when you thought they just couldn't build any more, they manage to pour on some intensity through more layers and guitar fx and crashing percussion. Of course not every track follows this exact pattern, though the album is fairly homogenous, sticking to their haunting style.

I thought I would touch on a few pieces that stand out for me and that either break the mold or take the shoegazer pattern to it's perfection. I think the album starts out perfectly with "Shattered Fairytale" with it's sad, dreamy lyrical and musical content. The music and tempo seems to move along fairly well even with this dreamy piece and some are just plain intense like "Reflection". Part of me wants to lay down and sit and listen to this in a mesmerized state in a darkened room half asleep, while the rhythm and tempo make me want to get up and almost dance, at least sway with the intense guitars and percussion. This seems to be something I enjoy and also something I struggle about with this band. Their music is soft and dreamy, but the intensity and percussion keep it moving fast enough it's hard to classify it as dreamy ethereal, yet too soft to classify as any kind of rock or dance-friendly music, so I have to settle for somewhere in between, great for listening to while driving, working or relaxing in some settings, but too intense for trying to settle down at the end of the day and go to sleep to. One thing that really hit me about their style was when I heard their cover of "Under The Milky Way" and how perfectly this cover works. Again, it's softer and dreamier than the way The Church performs it (played and danced to this many times at the club), but so ethereal, it's just one of those excellent crossover tracks and I realized how similar the two bands are in style, yet so different. Another stellar piece that really stands out is "Falling From Grace" with some powerful timpani accenting the percussion and this music taking it to an all new level and style.

I think that about sums it up. This is a great new album from this band that sticks to the pattern for tried and true good shoegazer music. There's a little bit there that takes them to a new level and helps them to stand out from the crowd, yet they remain right there well within the bounds of what has been done and enjoyed in the past. Good work!

Rating: 4.5/5

Tearwave - Review

I'm not even sure how to start out this review besides the introduction already given in the artist profile above.  For those seeking more great music of this style in the ethereal goth genres, this is a perfect way to fill the void. This self-titled debut brings us ten wonderfully dreamy tracks with titles that describe the moods and emotions that envelope the listener in a soft sweet "Emotional Cocoon" as you get caught in a "Dream Bliss" listening to the smooth sounds visual of a "Lotus Flower" or the soft voice of the "Nightingale".

"Lotus Flower" is the introductory piece for this album with it's moving percussion driving the track along with layers upon layers of bass and guitars all with some great reverb for a dreamy effect.  This also gives the listener the first taste of Jenn's heavenly vocals which always remain up in that angelic range and vocal style, never to come down.  As if providing us with a sequel to the first piece, "Emotional Cocoon" picks up right where we left off from the previous track, drifting along on a blissful ethereal dreamscape.  The percussion on each piece is an excellent foundation and addition to their style that without would still be excellent, but would take on a whole new life and style.

As with many bands in this genre, the soaring guitar which takes on something of an angelic voice itself is another solid element of their style.  Nearly every track has some taste of this guitar work above and beyond the other layers of guitar, whether plucked, strummed or deep bass, this siren-like backdrop never ceases to amaze me how captivating it can be across so many pieces.  When you really sit and listen to each piece, there are so many great elements that come together so well for a splendorous and dreamy combination.

It was extremely hard to pick out favorite tracks from this album as they are all so well done and the homogenous nature of the album also draws them all together.  The first couple of pieces really captured me with the emphasis on the excellent percussion, while "Trial By Fire" and "Lady Aurora" really bring out the excellent guitar work described above.  Other pieces have a sort of ballad-like appeal with an emotional description of "Melinda" or the awesome effect of "Crimson Water Cleanses The Soul" which sports some gothic rock sounding guitars and some heavy percussion that would make fans of The Mission UK swoon.  And then there's the final piece "Nightingale" which again has some excellent, heavy percussion with some great reverb like the band and the listener are sitting in an echo chamber together for a full effect.  But the real beauty of this and many pieces lie with the combination of the dreamy vocals and heavenly guitars, each complimenting the other for a full, beautiful sound.

That wraps up the album and once again I think the people over at Projekt Records have found another stellar group to add to their roster.  We'll be watching this group with great excitement over the next few years.

Rating: 5/5

Label: Projekt Records

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