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Van Richter Records was formed November 1993 in San Diego California by long time loyal fans of Industrial Music. The mission of the label is to develop the careers of the leading artists in the Industrial music genre. The top priority of Van Richter continues to be "quality not quantity" in their releases.

The label tries to release the highest quality in packaging as well as music.  Over the years they have managed to sign a small but nice roster of artists including Testify, The Fair Sex, Girls Under Glass and more.  The roster will continue to grow as they seek out and work with more artists.

The label is also picking up some good distribution all over the world dealing with some of the major distribution companies.  With this news, the artists on this label can hope to see more worldwide coverage and sales.

Check out the label's website to browse through their selection of releases and upcoming news.

This is the second in a series of compilation releases featuring selections from each of the artists with releases on this label. Featuring some of the best music from the Industrial genres of music.  The album contains a dozen total ripping tracks that drag the listener through some of the harshest industrial music released over the past few years.  There are six artists, each contributing two tracks each for a nice sampling of what each artist has to offer.

Obvious favorites for me include tracks from The Fair Sex and Girls Under Glass with their awesome goth/industrial crossover sound.  The Fair Sex kicks off the album with one of their latest tracks "Beautiful Nightmare" from their recent release The Dark Ages.  This piece is a perfect example of the powerful crossover music this excellent band has been producing for so many years.  This is followed up by the "Halloween" cover version as only Girls Under Glass can do.  The climax of the album includes two more tracks from these two bands, the first is a cover version of the classic T-Rex track "Children of the Revolution" by The Fair Sex.  And an all-time favorite Girls Under Glass piece "The Bitter End" is in my opinion the highlight of this album showing this band at their very best.

Other highlights include the two pieces from Plastic Noise Experience bringing to us the best of their minimalistic, EBM and electro-clash styles before it became the new fad of the new millenium.  While I've never really dug into the music from Testify, Sielwolf and Death and Horror, Inc., I was pleasantly surprised with the selections each of these bands presented on this disc.  Some tracks were convincing while others were not, but they seems to be pretty average and definitely worth listening to.

With each of these selections we are able to see what these bands are capable of releasing and should spark an interest in most listeners to go out and pick up their releases available if you don't already have them.  In my opinion that's what makes a good compilation album, one that presents something that gives a good cross-sampling of what's available from a label or the individual artists.  While you always get tracks that are less than average, you take the good with the bad.  The range of music is concentrated enough within the industrial-related genres that the general fanbase will find plenty to enjoy, while broad enough that the fanbase may include those from all related genres, and not just the most aggressive industrial, but also from the goth and darkwave related music.  Check it out for yourself.

Rating: 3.5/5

Website: www.vanrichter.net

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