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Here is a group that is gradually emerging out of the shadows of the eclectic musical genres of Industrial, EBM, Trance and Ambient mixtures.  Formed a few years ago by M. Friedrich, J. Warkentin and H. Meuler, this trio have embarked on a road taken by many artists before them.  After a few years of releasing several demo CDs, EPs and appearing on a few compilations, they have signed with COP International for their first official release titled Genozid.  The various previous releases have attracted enough attention that has become well-deserved over the years.  Now they have taken the next step in their career with their sophomore album Prozium which continues to delve into the experimental electronic elements.

Before appearing on the Dark Awakening Vol. 3 compilation, I had never heard of this group.  But with so many releases coming out each day, this isn’t exactly surprising, but with the talent portrayed by this trio it’s too bad I haven’t picked up anything sooner.  The music by this group is mostly instrumental combined with an excellent and thoughtful selection of samples.  The music style is a combination of harsh electronics and dreamy ambient sounds, adding a silver-lining to each dark cloud.  Fans of Wumpscut will appreciate the harsher musical tones, while those that can appreciate the subtle ambient tones present in soundtrack music will enjoy the Trance and Ambient elements, all mixed together with a nice dance beat.

With all of these elements, you’ll be able to catch selections on both the Club and Ethereal radio shows here.  Be sure to check them out and keep an eye out for new material in the future.  I think this band has the talent to do well.

Mutilate - Review

This band just cranks one album out right after another and each one delves into more experimentation and a new journey down electronic, noise, ambient and industrial music genres. This latest work from this talented group moves slightly away from the mostly club-friendly tracks of previous works into more experimental and varied sounds.  The album contains a dozen of these pieces spanning everything from the starting piece "Come In" which is mostly subtle experimental and spoken word to the club-friendly piece "Off (Line)" and including more experimental pieces with themes and moods that closely relate to and portray the album's gruesome title Mutilate.

Track lengths are as varied as musical styles, from the short one or two minute interlude or introductory segues to the longer six or seven minute pieces that pick up the intensity and maintain the listener's interest for just as long.  The overall mood and pace on this album has a lot of variety, but the wandering ambient themes dominate this disc with or without the experimental noise elements.  "Flesh and Flowers" is an example of this almost ethereal ambient piece with the occasional electronic percussion, or the more powerful related track "Unconcious" which picks up the pace but still incorporates much of those same ambient soundscapes coupled with powerful beats and electronics.  Probably the track with the most direction is "6 Years (Liquid Mix)", probably because of the samples used which sounds familiar, although I can't place them, but sounds like something out of an episode of Law and Order.  So the music actually becomes a soundtrack to the scene in the program which really makes it all come to life.

Another favorite piece of mine is also the longest piece on the album is "Deep Dawn Resonance".  This piece shows how well they can take a lot of simple loops and build them on one another, slowly building up to a climax and adding a number of samples for an extra kick to the mood.  In fact this recipe is used for much of the album as a simple loop is put together, possibly with some minimal percussion such as in "Defense, Pt. 2".  Then another loop is added, maybe with some more intensity, more percussion and pretty soon you're dancing along with the beat.

That pretty much sums up the album.  While the music continues to have a solid intensity, many tracks wander more through ambient soundscapes, many building to a powerful climax while others delve into ethereal and haunting textures, but always with a solid movie soundtrack feeling to them. This is another great release from this band worth picking up.

Rating: 3.5/5

Prozium - Review

Now that I'm more familiar with this group after enjoying their debut album so much, the release of this latest work is another great treat and addition to my CD collection.  Those that had a taste of the great music from this group with their previous release and enjoyed it will love this latest work.  The sound has evolved slightly with more texture and more hypnotic in many aspects while building on the same qualities and elements established before.

The first and best danceable track kicks off this album titled "Ultra Violent Ultra Skilled (Club Mix)".  While still an instrumental with various samples embedded throughout, this becomes probably the most accessible and club-friendly track mixing standard EBM elements with hypnotic trance and various loops.  "Prophecy (Extended Club Mix)" is another that brings out these solid beats meant for the club with harsh guitar rhythms layered over a myriad of electronics and samples.  "Third War" is another club-friendly track with bombastic beats and marching rhythms.  And the finale to this album is amazing the way they can take samples from the morbid character Gollum and turn it into a powerful driving dance track of the same title.

Now I've touched on the driving rhythms that create the backbone for this album with the mix of experimental danceable electronics and various samples.  For me the down-tempo and mid-tempo tracks are just as enjoyable and some have quickly become my favorites as I listen to them in settings that are not as dance-friendly.  "Chainreaction (part 1)" delves into this mid-tempo style while maintaining solid electronics that continue to pulsate and drive the dark and strange feelings the music creates.  But the excellent inclusion of samples throughout all of these tracks is especially apparent in "Microbial (Elektronendammerung Kapeitel II)" with an interesting conversion between a droid and some other entity (I believe from Star Trek - Borg Queen and Data).  The way these samples are put together with the stellar soundscapes is amazing.

Once again this group has been able to pull all of these elements together in such a way to create a truly amazing listening experience.

Rating: 4/5

Genozid – Review

As soon as I put on this disc I was mesmerized by the hypnotic elements of Industrial, Power Noise, Trance and Ambient elements.  The space-age ambient soundscapes provide a smooth aural backdrop for the harsh pounding rhythms and well-selected samples.  The danceable beats are a real forte, not concentrating on the 4/4 techno rhythms, but varying in the classic Industrial fashion and including some of the popular EBM influences.

“Try to Escape” and “… ob die Engel auch Beine haben” formulate the introductory rhythms and patterns for this album with moving hypnotic beats and smooth melodic elements.  The noise structures on the latter really get the body moving, while the drum-n-bass on the previous shakes it all up.  Breaking out of the rhythm slightly into an off-beat pattern, still mesmerizing and moving, but unique in style is “Nuklear Haze” with a dark and disturbing panorama of sounds mixed with samples of the same nature.  Each track blends well and morphs into the next with “Darkritual” following right after mixing extremely dark samples to bring to life the incredible music.

This flowing and moving atmosphere is so captivating, each sample and instrumental echo captivates the listener to the point that lyrics become meaningless, or the mixture of these elements form their own semblance of lyrics.  A perfect example of this is the Dark Ambient cinematic masterpiece “Elemental Parts” with excerpts from the film The Messenger (the story of Joan of Arc), including the confession of Joan to her invisible counterpart.  Oppressive sounds form the backdrop to this touching and deeply moving part of this film, they would have been perfect in the actual movie.  This track is a definite highlight for me, proving that it’s not all about the moving beats and dancefloor rhythms.

The title track is included on this disc twice, once as the “virus club mix” and the original edit as a bonus track and the finale to this album.  I believe the remix name speaks for itself, providing a mixture of EBM and Trance beats building up and creating a moving atmosphere that’s hard to break out of.  The album continues on in this fashion providing simple masterpiece after masterpiece in this unique style of music.  I highly recommend it for fans of Industrial and Power Noise music, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  It’s not often I can rate a mostly instrumental album like this so high, so often the songs drag on and on and I get tired of them too soon.  That’s not necessarily the case with this album as I’m able to listen pretty much from start to finish with the excellent mix and non-stop music that builds and fades, providing excellent variety throughout.  Starting with the “Genozid” club mix, the tracks do start to drag on slightly with some of the loops or oppressive noise after several minutes, but overall they are quite entertaining.  Other than these slight distinctions, I am very happy with this album!

Rating: 4/5

Label: COP Internation

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